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Frequently Asked Questions about BIOTE® Hormone Pellet Therapy

Frequently Asked Questions About BioTE® Bioidentical Hormone Pellet Therapy How long does it take hormone pellets to work? Short Term BioTE Benefits? Long Term BioTE Benefits? Do BioTE bioidentical testosterone pellets cause you to gain weight? How long do bioidentical pellets last? Are Pellets New? How Are Pellets Used? What

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Weight Loss with Contrave: Warning and Advocacy

A Fresh Look at the Contrave “Diet” Pill At Svelte MD’s medical weight loss clinics, we are always keeping track of up and coming trends in weight loss. There is quite a buzz about Contrave in the market and many are searching for answers. Many are looking for decent contrave

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Get Lucky this Season with Svelte/BioTE!

Get Lucky this Season with Svelte/BioTE! Credit: Adobe_with_Modification_by_Svelte Svelte Medical Weight Loss Centers Written by: Susie Bragg, RN, BSN Published by: Svelte Medical Weight Loss Centers Copyright holder: Svelte Medical on 3/13/2018 Getting Your Weight Loss “Unstuck” “How many of us have sworn off sugar and carbs only to stay

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The History and the Politics of Bio-Identical Hormone Therapy

A Historical View Of The Rise Of Bio-Identical Hormones The history of therapeutic hormone use actually stretches back more than a thousand years. The earliest examples come from Ancient China. Here, older noblewomen treated the symptoms of menopause by using supplements concocted from the dried urine of younger women. This

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What are Bio-identical Testosterone Pellets?

What Are Testosterone Pellets? Introduction The latest research reveals the effectiveness of testosterone implants. It helps treat numerous symptoms in both men and women. When these implants are placed under the skin of the patient, it begins to consistently release small doses of hormones providing optimal healing benefits without any

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The Reason for Testosterone Pellets

Reasons To Use Testosterone Pellets Hormone deficiency is a common health condition with many people today. The millions of individuals experiencing andropause and menopause systems all have hormone deficiency to blame. Research also shows that about 80% of all women complain of either post or peri-menopausal (PMS) symptoms, with only

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Hormone Pellet Therapy for Weight Loss

Hormone Pellet Therapy And Weight Loss Orlando Florida Hormone Pellet Therapy for Weight Loss How Hormone Pellet Therapy Induces Weight Loss Testosterone pellets and weight gain Many people find themselves feeling fatigued and gaining weight as soon as they move into middle age (around 35 years). Productivity, vigor and even

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Hormone Pellet Therapy for Vaginal Dryness

Alleviate Discomfort Of Vaginal Dryness With Hormone Pellet Therapy Difficulty with vaginal dryness is so much more than just, well, dryness. It causes a drop in libido, urinary tract infections, painful intercourse and those are just the beginning. There is hope, though. As it turns out these are symptoms that

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Hormone Pellet Therapy for Skin Health

Revitialize Your Skin’s Health In Orlando FL With Hormone Pellet Therapy As men and women age, skin health can be adversely affected by hormonal changes that occur during andropause if you’re a man, and menopause and perimenopause if you’re a woman. When women go through perimenopause and menopause, their estrogen

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Hormone Pellet Therapy for Night Sweats

Live Your Life to the   FULLEST with Hormone Optimization Hormone Pellet Therapy For Treating Night Sweats In Orlando, Florida Contact Us We would love to speak with you.Feel free to reach out using the below details. Hormone Pellet Therapy For Treating Night Sweats In Orlando, Florida Night sweats are

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