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Hormone Pellet Therapy And Weight Loss Orlando Florida

  1. Hormone Pellet Therapy for Weight Loss
  2. How Hormone Pellet Therapy Induces Weight Loss
  3. Testosterone pellets and weight gain

Many people find themselves feeling fatigued and gaining weight as soon as they move into middle age (around 35 years). Productivity, vigor and even the drive to do things that seemed obvious at first starts declining fast, and before one knows it, he/she weighs more than he can manage. While you may blame fast foods for that, experts relate this to hormonal imbalance.

If your body starts producing low amounts of testosterone than it is required, everything starts to change hence the recorded weight gain. Many people however think that testosterone is a ‘males’ thing. This is not entirely true, as women too need testosterone to remain physically fit.

With enough blood T levels, your body feels energized can capable of taking on almost anything. Low testosterone levels, on the other hand, can have devastating effects on both men and women. Poor eating habits and leading sedentary lifestyles also contribute to weight gain. One of the primary functions of testosterone is to promote conversion of food materials into energy and improved lean muscle mass. Testosterone imbalance, however, leads to the same foods converted into body fats.

BioTe hormone pellet therapy however helps restore normal hormone balance in the body, hence no more hot flashes or menopausal symptoms. In addition to this, these pellets supply the body with just enough testosterone to keep you feeling energized, more active, and even promote weight loss.

T-pellet for Weight Loss

Hormone pellet therapy treatment is designed to combat thyroid and testosterone hormone imbalance. While it may not be a magic pill, enough blood T levels enable the body to convert glucose and other food materials into energy and lean muscle instead of body fat. Balanced hormones translate to better quality sleep, increased energy levels, and lean muscle mass.

How Hormone Pellet Therapy Induces Weight Loss

BioTE hormone pellets contain both testosterone, essential nutrients, and thyroid hormones that play a huge role in regulating body weight. Unlike other hormone supplements, the pellets only release small amounts of the hormones (just enough) over a period of at least 5 months.

By boosting blood T levels, your body gets to handle various processes naturally and as required, thus enhanced libido, improved mood, bursts of energy, and reduced rate of aging. These pellets can help give you back the energy you once had as a teenager.

Testosterone Pellets and Weight Gain

Some have wondered if testosterone pellets can cause you to gain weight. After treating many patients who have been given hormone optimization pellets, we have found that testosterone replacement can cause transient water retention often perceived as weight gain. We recommend that the thyroid function should be optimized along with testosterone pellets to limit this effect.

Have more questions about bio-identical hormone replacement? Please visit our FAQ section.

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