• Frequently Asked Questions About Pellet Hormone Therapy

    Are Pellets New?

    Many people get concerned that they are not familiar with pellets. While that may be true, they are commonly used throughout Australia and Europe. They are not marketed or patented at this time within the U.S. They were used in the United States in the 1940’s up through the 1970’s though. At the tail end of the 1970’s the use of pellets was supplanted by patented oral hormones.These orally administered estrogen and testosterone hormones are chemically altered varieties that are heavily marketed within the United States. There are conventional pharmaceutical companies that manufacture pellets, with a good degree of research from Europe and Australia about pellet use.Though, it turns out that the cannon of research on hormone pellets is seeing a steady increase in the United States. In particular, there is a new-found focus on pellet use for breast cancer patient populations. As of now, there are even clinics specializing in administering pellet hormone therapy.

    How Are Pellets Used?

    Under local anesthesia, the doctor makes a tiny incision on the upper buttocks. Then they insert the hormone pellets and tape the incision shut. It is very important to locate a medical practitioner who has plenty of experience both determining the right dosages for clients as well as having a lot of pellet insertion experience as well.

    What Are Hormone Pellets?

    The hormone pellets are manufactured from testosterone pressed and fused into cylinders. They are just a smidge larger than one single grain of rice, and small enough to fit inside a tiny incision. If you are wondering how doctors are able to provide hormone pellets in the United States, the answer is that compounding pharmacists create them. There are FDA-approved 75 milligram testosterone pellets also manufactured.

    Why Should You Use Pellets?

    Through the use of the hormone pellets, there is no guessing or remembering to take any pills at the exact same time today as yesterday. The pellets, meanwhile, deliver the same dose for up to 5 months for the female population and up to 6 months for males.This prevents spikes and drops in the necessary hormone levels that are typically experienced with other delivery methods. It’s an important matter to get the dosing just right to halt disease while creating an environment that fosters optimal health. Another excellent reason to consider pellets is that they do not run the risk of fostering the formation of blood clots that are seen in other hormone therapy delivery methods.Studies that compare pellets to conventional hormone replacement prove pellets are superior in relieving the symptoms of menopause, while maintaining bone density. They are also second to none in the restoration of sleep, sex drive, libido, and sexual performance.Testosterone through pellet implant treats PMS, menstrual headaches and even migraines. It improves incontinence vaginal dryness, urinary frequency and urgency. Testosterone delivered through pellets has great effects for males and females to boost energy, remove depression, stop anxiety, increase concentration and memory, while delivering well being. Of course, the delivery of testosterone also increases lean body mass, while melting fat mass. Testosterone makes mental and physical health possible while stalling the development of Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s. Surprisingly to most people, low testosterone levels are associated with the development of Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s disease.It’s been proven a great delivery method for those clients who had no success with other other hormone therapy.

    What Are The Side Effects / Complications From Pellets?

    Pellet recipients may experience bruising, minor bleeding or even some discoloration at the insertion site. Even these complications are rare, though, as it is inserted in a nice, meaty area of the buttock. Women may experience some facial hair growth as their testosterone levels are increased.

    Why Do We Need Testosterone Supplementation?

    Testosterone is the key to the body’s signalling to make bone marrow and more red blood cells. For men in late middle age, low testosterone causes anemia. Testosterone delivery increases red blood cells and lowers anemia.

    What Can I Do After Insertion Of Pellets?

    Actually, let’s focus on what should be avoided. For the first 2 days after insertion of the pellets, avoid exercise. In men, do not exercise for one week afterward. Otherwise, the pellet may get pushed out of the body. Then you would have to go through the process again.For diabetics and former joint replacement patients, antibiotics may be prescribed as a prophylactic. It’s usually considered a clean and non-harmful procedure, so in most cases there may be no antibiotic prescribed before hand.

    My Doctor Says There’s No Evidence To Support Pellets

    Here’s the truth. Sometimes a doctor saves face; meaning, if you catch them off guard with information that they are unfamiliar with they may assume there is no data to support pellets. That’s not really the case, of course. Pellets are more effective without having the risk of blood clots and stroke.If you are particularly concerned about effectiveness and relief from low testosterone without risks of stroke, be more insistent. If you receive too much flak, you will want to go elsewhere, or get a referral to a physician who specializes in insertion of pellets. You do not want to go to the doctor who does not do the procedure. If they are not familiar with pellets, it is a flag to look at finding a doctor who understands what is called the efficacy and evidence for use of pellets. After all, we are talking about a simple procedure that can save lives (and sanity) in the process.

    Feeling Better

    People feel like themselves after the insertion of pellets. They actually get sleep, have energy, and just experience a sense of well being, relief and happiness. They look better too, as their lean muscle mass and bone density return, while fat tissue falls. Even skin and hair improve as well.

    Is Pellet Therapy As Dangerous As Conventional Therapy For Breast Cancer?

    Testosterone pellets are safer without the risk of breast cancer that oral estrogen poses. Evidence suggests that it actually may prevent breast cancer, and therefore be considered breast protective.In fact, back in the 1940’s testosterone implants (and today in some circles) were considered a way to treat breast cancer. Androgens enhance Tamoxifenâ therapy for breast cancer patients.

    Do Men Really Benefit From Testosterone Hormone Therapy?

    As it turns out, the answer is yes. Here’s why. First off, you do not want to wait until your testosterone is too low to get help. It feels like getting mowed down by a truck. Though, know this, a guy’s testosterone levels start their decline in their early 30’s. They may not start to “feel it” or experience the effects of low testosterone, though, until they are well into middle age (mid-40’s to mid-50′). Others do not feel it until their 60’s through even their 80’s It’s important to be tested to find out if there is a testosterone deficiency because it can cause serious illness. Without proper testosterone, it causes moodiness, depression, bone loss, exhaustion, erectile dysfunction, trouble sleeping and mental deficiency. The great news is that going to the doctor only can help in this situation. Get tested and get testosterone treatment through pellet insertion to turn the testosterone issue around to feel better pretty quickly.

    Can Hair Loss Turn Around With Pellet Therapy?

    Hair loss is a sign of low hormones for women. Pellet therapy may turn around the issue, creating hair growth.

    How Long Before You Feel Better?

    Imagine undergoing a life-altering treatment that is simple and experiencing drastic results within 1 to 2 days. That’s often the case, though for many women it can take up to 2 weeks to experience a turnaround in how they feel.

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