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Alleviate Discomfort Of Vaginal Dryness With Hormone Pellet Therapy

Difficulty with vaginal dryness is so much more than just, well, dryness. It causes a drop in libido, urinary tract infections, painful intercourse and those are just the beginning. There is hope, though. As it turns out these are symptoms that appear as the female body is preparing for menopause during perimenopause, or within the throes of menopause. What that means is that the hormones that regulate things like vaginal moisture and libido are changing and becoming imbalanced. As estrogen and testosterone levels drop, it results in a decrease in the vagina’s elasticity, thinning of the vagina’s walls leading to painful intercourse. The reason that’s good news is that there is a solution to the problem to turn around the suffering of hormonal imbalances.

Hormone Therapy That’s Safe And Effective

Traditional hormone therapy sounded like a loaded gun. It was full of warnings about the potential for strokes, and possible connections to increased breast cancer risk, for starters. There’s long been another delivery method of hormone therapy that is safe, and may actually protect the body from breast cancer. Hormone pellet therapy has been in use since the 1930’s and 1940’s, and lost favor in the United States to oral treatments approximately 40 years ago. The good news is other countries held onto the treatment method that works, hormone pellet therapy. True, Safe Relief From Vaginal Dryness It’s returned to the United States, and that is good news. Here’s how BioTE works. It balances hormones naturally. With a simple and unnoticeable small incision to the upper buttocks, the doctor inserts the hormone pellet. They work for up to 5 months, balancing estrogen and testosterone from the low levels that are experienced during menopause and leading up to it in perimenopause. It may work within 2 days or a couple of weeks. During that time, you will notice vaginal moisture returns, allowing pain-free and enjoyable intercourse to return. Balanced hormones make life better and may improve your mood as you feel better about feeling more like yourself again. Testosterone and estrogen together make collagen build once again, which in turn repairs the skin that was at one time thinned. This in turn returns the taut nature of the vaginal floor back, which reduces painful intercourse for more enjoyable times ahead. Hormone pellet therapy is also known to boost mood, energy, and relieve issues that you had experienced from hormonal changes related to menopause or perimenopause. While patches, pills and injections sound easy too, they have a lot of side effects. By comparison, the pellets are plant based and all natural. It smooths out the edges, delivering a steady flow of hormones for a better life.
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