• Our Mission

    We believe that weight loss and health maintenance in general is dependent on the development of four factors:

    • Environment
    • Nutrition
    • Physical Exercise
    • Your Inner Feelings

    Weight is not just about dieting, calorie restriction and strenuous exercise. It’s about education and your practice of the following:

    • Eating healthy foods so that a healthy environment is provided for the cells of the body.
    • Physical exercise creates the correct environment for muscles and the release of myocerine, a substance that is needed to maintain a healthy body and fight off disease.
    • How to eat (including how to chew your food) properly so as to create a healthy environment for your digestion.
    • What activities you must carry on while eating. How to observe others as well as yourself while you are eating so that you can develop good eating habits. To do this we give you methods to use to help you focus on what you are doing and observing while eating.
  • About Dr. Bragg – Founder of Our Clinics in Orlando, FL

    Meet Dr. Bragg. He is the physician who not only founded Svelte Medical Weight Management, but Dr. Bragg is also the very first patient. He successfully lost over 40 pounds and has kept it off through the easy-to-follow Svelte Weight Loss System.*

    In practice for over 13 years, Dr. Richard Bragg strives to provide each one of his patients with the highest standard of care.

    Dr. Bragg’s interest in aesthetic medicine began in medical school when his wife became troubled over tiny spider veins on her legs. As he researched ways to treat her condition, his passion for making people feel better about their appearance grew.

    Today, thanks to numerous referrals and “word-of-mouth” advertising, Dr. Bragg and his courteous staff have become one of Central Florida’s preferred Orlando weight loss doctors, offering the most advanced and effective treatments available.

    Svelte Charter

    Our commitment is to empower our clients to realize their ideal health potential through structure, knowledge, & lifestyle transformation! We make Svelte possible for you!

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    *These are individual results and your result on the Svelte program may vary.