• Want to Drop Unwanted Weight? We can help

    Weight loss is a very personal goal: what works for you may not necessarily work for someone else and vice versa.

    The Orlando weight loss specialists at Svelte Medical Weight Loss understand this idea and work with you to create the ultimate plan so you can meet your individual weight loss goals.

    Svelte recognizes the key to attaining your weight loss goals is empowerment. Dieters must be responsible for their weight loss program through the use of a structured eating plan, exercise routine, and lifestyle changes that will help them successfully attain and maintain their desired weight.

    Under the guidance of a board certified physician, patients are finding they are able to lose weight by lowering insulin levels since Dr. Bragg has noted a strong correlation between weight gain and out-of-control insulin levels.

    Once a patient is able to determine the correct amount of insulin required during the day, insulin levels stabilize instead of spike, and weight is much more easily lost.

    Even better, unlike a fad diet, the weight does not return as long as the new lifestyle is maintained.

    The Svelte MD Weight Loss System has a simple premise: when the body has less sugar in the blood, it uses fat as its source of energy.

    Patients report they do not feel hungry on the Svelte MD diet. Learn more about our amazing program by calling 407-804-5200 to speak with the medical staff at Svelte MD. Our blogs explain many questions patients ask about diets in general, how to lose weight, and how to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

  • How it works:

    The Svelte Program focuses on Insulin levels and produces results!

    If you have struggled with other weight loss programs in the past, we can help. We have a unique non-calorie counting program to help you feel great and get the body you want. It’s all because of a unique, scientific based strategy. Our promise is straight-forward honesty, no gimmicks, no hype.While individual results may vary, many of our patients have seen dramatic results.Frequently we have patients who report losing “stubborn” weight and while we cannot guarantee that you will have the same exact results, we feel you owe it to yourself to try our program. Your success depends on several factors, which we will cover with you in a consultation. We encourage you to check out our patient testimonials.

    Our program focuses on achieving results through insulin stability

    Insulin is a hormone excreted from the pancreas in response to foods we eat and the amount of sugar in our blood stream. Some foods cause sharp elevations in insulin levels and some foods stabilize and keep insulin levels low.Typically, foods high in carbohydrates and low in protein cause high insulin levels. Unfortunately, the quickest and cheapest foods often contain high carbohydrates.The body’s response to high insulin levels is to store fat and drive blood sugar levels low. When blood sugar is low, we get hungry and eat foods that increase insulin and the cycle continues. The powerful affect of high insulin and low blood sugar cannot be stopped by “will power.” Bringing in the insulin level down is the key to success as low insulin allows for fat burning and stable blood sugars.Get more information on Orlando weight loss through our Svelte program.Lose 20 pounds to 40 pounds with Orlando Medical Weight Loss CenterSave