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    Whether you choose Svelte Rx or our all natural program Re-Boot, getting Svelte is all about generating a fat burning metabolism.
    Let us empower you to reach your goal weight, shape, or size through our scientifically proven insulin stability method!

    Svelte Rx: $260

    A physician supervised program customized to your health history, lifestyle, and dietary preferences.
    Initial consultation & start up.
    *Includes ECG, lab work, customized Svelte plan, physician consult, Rx, a month’s supply of fat burner & pharmaceutical grade multi-vitamin, first B12/fat burner injection & coaching visit.

    Svelte Rx Weekly coaching visits: $75

    Weigh in, meet with Svelte coach, physical assessment, B12 fat burner injection, & prescription.

    Svelte Rx 4 week pre-paid Saver: $225*

    Save $$ when you pre-pay for 4 consecutive coaching visits for only $225!
    *Any lapse between 4 week pre-paid saver triggers an automatic $75 visit upon return to Svelte Rx.

    Re-start Svelte Rx: $175*

    Everything the initial start up costs ($260) includes! Once a Svelte client, always Re-start for just $175!
    *Re-Start Rx is necessary when inactive for more than 90 days on Svelte Rx

    Re-start Svelte Rx bonus: $299

    A Re-start Svelte Rx ($175) plus 3 consecutive Svelte Rx visits ($225)! This is a $101 savings!

    *Some prescriptions unavailable at Svelte centers. M.D. writes a prescription to be filled at pharmacy of your choice. Additional cost to you.


    Re-Boot All natural Svelte start up*: $150

    Re-Boot was designed for people who’d rather lose weight without a prescription & is much more affordable too! No need for ECG/labwork or Rx. Re-Boot includes

    1. Initial start up visit / MD consultation with customized Svelte MD plan,
    2. Re-Boot survival guide
    3. Customized Svelte rapid weight loss plan
    4. B12/fat burner and 3 supplements: Calcium pyruvate (fat burner) capsules (1 Month supply); Pharmaceutical grade multi-vitamin (1 Month Supply), and Cell-Press all natural appetite control (1 Month supply)
    5. No visits are included in the Re-Boot start up!

    *Brand new to Svelte must see MD first visit at no extra charge

    Click Here to Learn More about the Re-Boot Program

    Re-Boot All natural weekly Svelte coaching visits: $40/week or get 4 consecutive weeks for $125! (auto-debit only)

    Your Re-Boot Svelte visit includes physical assessment with body composition, Svelte coaching, B12 fat burner injection.

    Stay Svelte Maintenance Program: $75 every 4 weeks

    Keep coming in weekly X 4 for B12 fat burner injections and enjoy one weigh in coaching visit every 4 weeks!

    Svelte Refer a Friend Bonus: $50!

    No other medical weight loss practice on earth offers this kind of incentive to it’s clients! We appreciate your referrals and you will appreciate $50 credit on your account with each new client* your refer!
    *New client can be for Svelte Rx, Svelte Re-Boot, or even Florida Vein Care & Cosmetic Center!