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Svelte Medical Weight Loss Cost and Pricing

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w/ Prescription Appetite Suppressant
$ 299 To Start
  • A physician-supervised program customized to your health history, lifestyle, and dietary preferences. Initial consultation & startup.
  • What's Included?
  • Comprehensive Svelte Nutritional Plan
  • Svelte Survival Guide and Audio File
  • Physician Consultation/prescribing
  • EKG/labs
  • Svelte Shot (B12/fat burner injection)
  • Svelte supplements; one month supply:
  • - Pharmaceutical grade multi-vitamin
  • - Fat Burner
  • - Probiotic
  • 1 Week - Appetite Suppressants
  • Weekly Rates
    • SvelteMD: $80 per visit
    • SvelteMD: Pay for 3 Visits get 1 FREE - $240


Semaglutide Weight Loss Program
$ 395*
(*Non-active or New Patients please add $100)
  • Learn More about the New SvelteSEMA Program Click Here

  • What's Included?
  • FDA approved for weight loss
  • Helps regulate food intake
  • Eat less, lose weight
  • Weekly Injections (at home or in-office available)
  • Approved for patients: BMI over 30
  • Approved for patients: Body Fat Percentage over 30 Females / 25 Males
  • BMI over 27 (Patients w/high blood pressure or cholesterol)


All Natural Weight Loss Program
$ 150 To Start
  • Learn More about the SvelteOTC Program Click Here
  • What's Included?
  • Comprehensive Svelte Nutritional Plan
  • Svelte Survival Guide and Audio File
  • Body Composition
  • Physician Consultation
  • Svelte Shot (B12/fat burner injection)
  • Svelte supplements; one month supply
  • - Fat Burner
  • - Multi-vitamin
  • - Probiotic
  • Weekly Rates
    • SvelteOTC: $40 per visit
    • SvelteOTC: Pay for 3 Visits get 1 FREE - $125
  • Stay Svelte Maintenance Program: $90
  • - 4 Consecutive week, Svelte injection only visits
  • - Injection Only Svelte Shot weekly rate: $30

Restart SvelteMD

$ 199 Returning Clients
  • For returning SvelteMD clients.
  • Incl.everything in "SvelteMD"


$ 50 BONUS
  • No other medical weight loss practice on earth offers this kind of incentive to its clients!

    We appreciate your referrals and you will appreciate $50 credit on your account with each new client* your refer!
  • New client can be for SvelteMD, SvelteOTC, or even Florida Vein Care & Cosmetic Center!

How Much does Our Orlando Weight Loss Program Really Cost? -and-

Why is Svelte Weight Loss Quite Affordable at These Prices? 

Easy It’s the money you save.

Consider this:

People are always surprised to find more money when they are on Svelte.

Here is where the savings are:

  • The grocery store! Svelte approved foods will save you money at the store.
  • The coffee shop! No afternoon trips to overpriced coffee shops to help you stay awake.
  • On Svelte you will feel alive and energized all day long WITHOUT sugary snacks.
  • Svelte is alcohol free! Save that cocktail money for later on.
  • Svelte mocktails are prescribed!
  • Healthy eating=stable insulin levels=NO junk food cravings! No more blowing $ on junk.
  • Planned meals & snacks mean no more expensive lunches out!
  • Carry a mini cooler bag with all your Svelte approved foods and save a fortune by not eating out!
  • Svelte referral money: People will notice as you lose weight… refer them to Svelte and you get $50 mad money to spend at the practice!
  • Cut your Svelte bills in half with referrals!
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