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What are Bio-identical Testosterone Pellets?

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What Are Testosterone Pellets?


The latest research reveals the effectiveness of testosterone implants. It helps treat numerous symptoms in both men and women. When these implants are placed under the skin of the patient, it begins to consistently release small doses of hormones providing optimal healing benefits without any adverse side effects.

First Off | What Are Testosterone Pellets?

Testosterone pellets or implants are made of testosterone hormones. The hormone is pressed into very small solid cylinders which are smaller than a “Tic Tac” but larger than a grain of rice. The hormone is bioidentical to the same hormone in your body. It is released gradually in the body. The majority of these testosterone pellets are made by compounding pharmacists via sterile glass vials. The 75 mg testosterone pellet is approved by the FDA in the United States.

The Importance Of Testosterone Pellets

These pellets can deliver a healthy level of hormone for 4-5 months in men and 3-4 months in women. This will prevent the fluctuations or ups and downs seen in any other method of delivery. This is helpful for disease prevention and optimal health in the long run. On the other hand, these pellets will not increase the risk of blood clots similar to synthetic hormone replacement therapy.

The latest studies have shown that testosterone pellets are effective for providing relief of menopausal symptoms, improving sleep patterns, improving the sex drive and performance, and maintaining the bone density compared to conventional hormone replacement therapy.

These implants have also been used to treat menstrual headaches, migraine, urinary urgency & frequency, and vaginal dryness. The implants have shown to increase energy levels of both men and women. It also relieves depression, anxiety, improves memory & concentration, and increase one’s sense of wellbeing. Testosterone pellets help increase lean muscle mass and decrease the fat mass. In fact, adequate testosterone levels are essential for optimal health and wellbeing of both men and women. It will also prevent chronic illnesses such as Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s which are associated with lower T levels in the body.

Even if you may have failed with the other types of hormone therapy, you have a very high success rate with testosterone implants. You will not find any other kind of therapy that is so convenient for the patient such as testosterone implants. The process has been used in men and women since the 1930’s. There is enough data to support the usage of testosterone pellets in both men and women in the past.

How And Where Are These Pellets Inserted?

The process is quite simple, painless, and conducted under local anesthesia. These pellets are inserted into the lower abdominal wall or upper buttock area through a small incision. The incision is then closed with steri-strip or a skin tape. The experience of the doctor matters a lot in this regard. He or she will determine the correct dosage of the implant and the right place to insert it.

Are There Any Side Effects?

Minor bruising and bleeding, infections, discoloration of the skin, and possible extrusion of the pellet are some of the side effects of the procedure. But other than a slight bruising and discoloration of the skin, the other complications are quite rare.

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