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Revitialize Your Skin’s Health In Orlando FL With Hormone Pellet Therapy

As men and women age, skin health can be adversely affected by hormonal changes that occur during andropause if you’re a man, and menopause and perimenopause if you’re a woman. When women go through perimenopause and menopause, their estrogen and testosterone levels are reduced, which can cause skin to age faster. This hormonal change can also cause skin to become more oily, and they may even experience hair growth on their face, primarily around the chin. As their estrogen levels drop, women’s skin often sags and wrinkles as a result of losing skin elasticity that was present when they were younger. Dry skin is also a common occurrence because the skin no longer retains water as well as it used to due to skin thinning and cells rejuvenating at a slower rate. Men can also suffer from dry skin and more wrinkles because dropping testosterone levels cause collagen production to slow, the wrinkles can be treated with natural wrinkle creams as this can also affects skin’s ability to heal properly, which will cause any cuts or skin damage to heal more slowly. When women begin to produce less estrogen and testosterone, they also suffer from lower collagen production levels, primarily on their face. Just like in men, their skin loses elasticity as a result, which makes it easier for wrinkles to appear. A reduction in estrogen and testosterone can also make women’s skin have a pale appearance due to fewer nutrients getting to the skin’s upper layer. Luckily, these skin health issues can be treated easily via a treatment plan called BioTE® hormone pellet therapy.

Hormone Pellet Therapy Defined

Simply put, pellet therapy returns your bodies hormone balance back to its proper levels using natural ingredients. In women, any reduction in estrogen and testosterone levels due to menopause and andropause will be returned to normal, which will reverse many of the signs of aging that occurred as a result of the previous lower levels. Not only will the appearance of your facial skin improve, you may notice improvements to your skin on your entire body. Over time, hormone pellet therapy will have you feeling and looking like your old self again.

How Does It Work?

Pellet therapy for your hormones replaces the hormones your body has lost, and each treatment typically lasts 3-5 months. As a result, your skin’s declining health issues will be improved as your testosterone and estrogen hormone levels are returned to normal or near normal. As your testosterone levels increase, your skin will begin to produce more collagen which will help to ease any skin thinning that has occurred during menopause or andropause.
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