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Get Lucky this Season with Svelte/BioTE!

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Get Lucky this Season with Svelte/BioTE!

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Susie Bragg, RN, BSN

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Svelte Medical Weight Loss Centers

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Svelte Medical

Getting Your Weight Loss “Unstuck”

“How many of us have sworn off sugar and carbs only to stay stuck or even gain weight? There are a couple of surprising, yet not so surprising realities that could be the problem:

Not eating enough

When we fast, our metabolism tends to slow down drastically in an attempt to conserve energy. Sometimes fasting isn’t what it’s all cracked up to be! Be sure you are eating 5 to 6 high protein, small nutritious meals throughout the day to keep your Svelte shape.

Dehydration; it’s not what you think.

Many Americans persist in a de-hydrated state (not even aware they are dehydrated!) which doesn’t allow for a fat burning metabolism at all. If you are de-haydrated, you simply can’t get the fat to the liver for conversion in to sugar which is the key to fat burning. Fat burning requires that all of your cells are hydrated adequately and that there is plenty of blood to carry excess fat to the liver for breakdown. Don’t worry about having to go to the bathroom all the time as you hydrate. Your body will get used to being hydrated after about a week of intentional water drinking and you will be hydrated but visiting the rest room less as you get Svelte! ?

Alcohol; it’s the fat burning interruption!

If you are dieting all the time but then drinking in the evening; you may as well not be dieting. The advances that your liver makes for you during the day in cleaning your blood and transforming your fat into sugar, all gets undone with alcohol. Wine has too much sugar for your body to maintain fat burning and beer has way too much carbs (sugar also). Vodka and Gin are less sugary but will completely interrupt the fat burning going on in your liver because now your liver must be on sober patrol breaking down the alcohol while you sleep so you don’t wake up drunk! Try a sugar free “mock” tail at night instead of a cocktail if you are serious about getting Svelte.”

Author: Susie Bragg, RN, BSN
Nurse Educator, Svelte medical weight loss
407-804-5200 ext 46

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