How to Tone Your Stomach After Weight Loss

Toning Secrets Meeting your weight loss goals, or getting closer to them, is an amazing triumph. You will benefit from this change in every aspect of your life from your health, to your self esteem, and even relationships with others. It truly is a life changing accomplishment. However, for anyone who has lost a significant […]

5 Shocking and Unhealthy Weight Loss Methods

Five Terrible Ways to Lose Weight Weight loss is the common mission of about 90% of all Americans. Some are just trying to lose a couple of stubborn pounds, while others are aiming to lose hundreds. With a lack of education on nutritional needs, and an intense desire to lose weight fast, thousands of men […]

Best Fourth of July BBQ Recipes

Best BBQ Recipes for the Fourth of July The Fourth of July is just around the corner, and you know what that means! Friends, family, fireworks and BBQ! Whether you’re planning on hosting the BBQ at your house this year, or you’ll be traveling to a friend or family member’s home, you’re going to need […]

3 Salad Recipes You Will Need This Summer

Make These 3 Healthy Salads This Summer! Summertime brings along cravings for different types of foods. Fresh vegetables, juicy fruits, grilled chicken, these are the flavors of the season. It is important to collaborate between good flavors and good food. Choosing to buy healthy foods that don’t taste good to you, will only deter you […]

5 Changes You Can Make Right Now to Start Losing Weight

Make These 5 Changes Now to Lose That Weight! One of the most common issues we see people struggle with when it comes to weight loss, is getting started. We are lost. Do we throw away everything in our pantries and go grocery shopping? Do we get a gym membership? Are we supposed to keep […]

5 Habits of People Who Lose Weight and Keep it Off

Five Great Habits To Lose Weight Permanently If there was one word to define what it’s like trying to lose weight, that word would be challenging. Weight loss does not come easily to anyone. It takes hard work and determination. Once the weight is off, most people think the journey is over. It isn’t. Losing […]

How to Firm Your Buttocks After Weight Loss

Firm Up Those Post-Weight-Loss Buttocks After losing a significant amount of weight, many people will experience droopiness in their skin. By this we mean your arms aren’t as toned as you’d like, your stomach isn’t as tight, or your buttocks is not as firm. Today we are going to go over one of these issues […]

Getting Past The Weight Loss Plateau

Getting Past The Weight Loss Plateau We’ve all been there. You were steadily losing weight, losing inches and gaining a positive body image when suddenly, it was like the breaks were pulled on your weight loss. The lack of visible progress begins to weigh on you, and before you know it, you have thrown in […]

How to Get a Flat Stomach For Swimsuit Season

Get a Flat Stomach Before Swimsuit Season With swimsuit season just around the corner, the question everyone is asking is, “How can I make my stomach flat?” Getting rid of that stubborn belly fat can be very difficult. However, there are certain ways that you can exercise this area that will result in a toned […]