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5 Changes You Can Make Right Now to Start Losing Weight

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Make These 5 Changes Now to Lose That Weight!

One of the most common issues we see people struggle with when it comes to weight loss, is getting started. We are lost. Do we throw away everything in our pantries and go grocery shopping? Do we get a gym membership? Are we supposed to keep a journal of everything we eat? What exactly is “clean eating”? The questions go on and on.

The longer you wait to get started, the longer it is going to take you to reach your goal weight. The time to start losing weight is now! We are going to share with you a few changes that you can make right now, to start losing weight.

Start Losing Weight Now

1. Hop on the Scale

…And take measurements, and a before picture. We know this is uncomfortable. For the past however long you may have been avoiding a scale. Trust us, this the best way to get started. Stepping onto a scale and measuring your body will give you an accurate starting point. From here you will be able to set weekly goals for yourself and see real progress. Many people decide to skip the before picture. We don’t recommend this. You’re body is going to look completely different when you are done. Take a before picture, and a monthly picture, so that you can see how drastically you body has changed.

2. Figure out Your Calories

Figuring out how many calories you should be eating, based on your body and you activity level, is pertinent to weight loss. There are many systems out there that will help you calculate this number, and track your progress. A great option is My Fitness Pal. This will tell you how many calories you need to be eating, and will track your weight loss along this journey.

3. Come up With a Two Week Menu

Eating poorly is all too easy when you don’t have any good foods readily available. This is why we recommend coming up with a two week menu. This will help you to prep your meals, and will give you an idea of all the foods you need to have in the house to keep you from ordering a pizza when you get hungry.

4. Schedule Your Time

Buy a calendar and make time for exercising, meal prepping, grocery shopping and all of that good stuff. In doing so you will no longer be able to say “I didn’t have time to run to the store.” Or something along those lines.

5. Clean Out the Fridge

You don’t necessarily have to start from scratch, but it is important that you make plenty of room for your new healthy foods. Throw away those temptation foods that you know you won’t be able to resist if the cravings arise.

Svelte Medical Weight Loss

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