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Getting Past The Weight Loss Plateau

getting past the weight loss plateau

Getting Past The Weight Loss Plateau

We’ve all been there. You were steadily losing weight, losing inches and gaining a positive body image when suddenly, it was like the breaks were pulled on your weight loss. The lack of visible progress begins to weigh on you, and before you know it, you have thrown in the towel. Don’t let that happen! Be prepared for a weight loss plateau, and have a plan for getting over it.

How to Get Past The Plateau

There are a number of ways to move past your weight loss plateau. We are going to go over a few of the most effective options.

1. Check your habits

As you become more and more comfortable with your new clean eating lifestyle, it becomes easier to unintentionally loosen the rules. It is important to make sure you have not started eating bigger portions, allowing yourself to eat later at night, or allowing yourself to have a “treat” here and there. It is also vital that you continue to read the ingredients lists on the foods you buy. It is easy to become overly confident in your ability to pick the healthiest foods, which leaves room for bad foods to sneak in.

2. Intensify your workout

Try adding between 15 and 30 minutes to your workout time. You can also try increasing the intensity of your workout, if that is possible for you. Run faster, lift more, increase resistance. All of these are great ways to increase your workout, and increase muscle mass. Increased muscle mass will, in turn, result in more calories burned.

3. Increase your daily activity

There are many ways to increase your daily activity levels. Try using your car less. Walk when you go pick up your kids from the bus stop. Or try parking in the back of the parking lot to increase the distance you are walking.  You could also try to do more yard work. This is a great activity for getting that heart pumping!

4. Know your personality type

There are many different personalities when it comes to weight loss, and challenging yourself. It is important to know whether you are an impulsive eater, emotional eater, oblivious eater or if you are disciplined enough to resist. Knowing which type of person you are will help you to prepare yourself, and your home for your weight loss journey. By “your home”, we mean if you cannot say no to the ice cream in the freezer, throw it away.

Weight Loss Help

No two weight loss journeys are exactly the same. Everyone has their challenges, and their own personal goals. At Svelte Medical Weight Loss Center, we make it easy for you to start losing weight fast! Contact Svelte Medical Weight Loss Center in Orlando to schedule your first consultation. Our M.D., Dr. Bragg will meet with you, and create a weight loss plan that is right for your body. Don’t let another day pass by, contact Svelte today and be on your way to a happier, healthier lifestyle.

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