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Lose Weight Fast With Svelte

lose weight fastWhat you need to know to lose weight fast..

Did you know “how to lose weight fast” is one of the most highly searched phrases? Many individuals are overweight. In turn, there is a much greater number of people trying to figure out what they can do to get their bodies back into a healthy state fast.

Many companies have tried to take advantage of this group of people, making false promises and charging a large sum of money. Svelte MD genuinely would love to see a healthier world. The Svelte Medical Weight Loss Centers in Orlando are committed to its patients’ success stories.

Svelte Medical Weight Loss

Dr. Bragg, the physician, owner, and first every patient, at our Weight Loss Clinic has been where you are. He was searching for an effective weight loss program never reaching his desired results. Dr. Bragg has formed a program that works to help individuals lose weight, and keep it off. Interested in learning more about Svelte Medical Weight Loss?

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How does Svelte work?

Dr. Bragg’s program is based on lowering insulin levels.  This is accomplished by eating foods that don’t spike your insulin level.  Low insulin levels encourage fat burning. This is in place of sugar. This helps control hunger.

2. What if I have diabetes or high blood pressure?

We have a special program for patients with diabetes, that dramatically lowers their sugar readings.  Svelte MD’s staff will monitor your blood pressure every week and blood pressure medication usually has to be tapered off by your physician.  Many patients that have come off up to five (5) medications for diabetes and blood pressure after losing weight and lowering their insulin level.

3. Do you use hormones or human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG) shots?

Our program does not involve the consumption of hormones by mouth or via cream or injection.  Our supplements are natural vitamins and amino acids for energy, fat burning and to curb cravings.

4. What if I am a vegetarian?

We have a specific diet just for vegetarians. Protein powder (tasteless) can help increase protein consumption to a desired daily level.

5. Are there any foods to buy?

You don’t have to purchase prepackaged foods from us.  You can purchase all your food from the neighborhood grocery store.

6. Can overweight children be on the program?

Children over 10 can be evaluated to see if they qualify for the weight loss program with parental approval.  The FDA requires children to be 16 years old to be eligible for appetite suppressant prescriptions.  We do have alternative medication choices for children under 16.

rapid weight lossIs Svelte For You?

Interested in learning more? Learn what Svelte MD can do for you.  Contact our offices today. Our caring staff will walk you through the process of what we do. Consider setting up a consultation for you to meet our physician. Are you ready to start losing weight and getting healthy? Contact Svelte Medical Weight Loss today.

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