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Botox Lake Mary – Orlando, FL Medical Spa: Botox Cosmetic® is a purified neurotoxin that can soften creases & wrinkles of the face when injected properly by an experienced, licensed physician or Physician’s Assistant. When I established my niche vein practice in 1998, I traveled to South Florida to train with one of the few physicians in the country who was practicing with Botox treatment at that time.

After my training, my wife Susie was my very first Botox client in 1999, and we use her original before and after pictures on our website to this day. Needless to say Susie & thousands of other clients I have treated since have all enjoyed the remarkable benefits of wrinkle prevention, brow lifting, and youthful look that Botox Cosmetic® promises.

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Negative outcomes, allergy, or reactions to Botox are extremely rare, it’s true, but there are some critical points to consider when choosing a Botox provider.

BOTOX BUYER BEWARE – Learn more about the common pitfalls buyers experience in getting botox.

Here is What You Need to Know, Look out For, and ask BEFORE you Buy

Today, ads for Botox bargains abound through pre-paid coupon sites to email offers in your inbox. Here are critical points to consider when choosing a Botox provider; after all, it is your face, your money, and your health. Be savvy when selecting who earns your business. We all know that we get what we pay for.

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Botox Physician Greater Orlando

Richard S. Bragg, M.D. specializes in the treatment of venous insufficiency for varicose veins & has been in practice in Central Florida since 1998. A graduate of Louisiana State University Medical School in 1992, Dr. Bragg completed his Family Practice Residency at Florida Hospital in 1995 & went on to pursue a subspecialty in Phlebology.

A past national trainer, Dr. Bragg specializes in EVLT (Endo-venous laser Therapy) for varicose veins. Dr. Bragg is owner and Medical Director of  Svelte Medical Weight Management centers: Lake Mary, East Orlando, and Dr. Phillips locations. Main phone # is 407 804-5200. His P.A.-C, Madge Geohagen, has more than 17 years experience injecting veins, Botox, & dermal fillers. Visit the practice at today!

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Botox is used to make you look better not necessarily younger. It was initially used and then received its FDA approval for Muscular Spasms around the faces and neck. Now it is used for a variety of other cosmetics purposes on the face and neck. Botox is made from a minuscule amount of a chemical that is secreted by the Botulism bacteria.

There are ABSOLUTELY no bacteria – nothing alive – in the Botox injection. Botox injection does not give you an infection. What it does give you is a very small amount of the chemical, injected precisely into the selected muscles to weaken them.


Botox is injected into a selected muscle to produce a weakening effect but it does not actually do anything directly to the muscle itself. Its entire effect is rather on the nerves. Nerves normally tell muscles to contract. For the nerves to tell the muscle to work, a small amount of chemical is released from the end of the nerve.

That chemical crosses the gap and causes the muscle to move. Botox prevents the release of this chemical so nothing crosses the gap and tell the muscle to move. Botox does not cause numbness because it does not work on the Sensory nerves that give us feelings. It only works on the nerves that control the muscles.


The effects of Botox are temporary. Once Botox has bound to nerve endings, that nerve stops being able to tell its part of the muscle to move. When this happens, that nerve begins to branch out to send new nerve endings to the muscle to tell it to move.

When it is eventually successful in its new growth, the nerve-muscle connection is re-established and the signal for the muscle to move gets through again. This re-connection usually takes about 3 months to occur.


Botox is one of the few rejuvenation treatments that can benefit patients of almost any age. We all have facial habits that predispose us to develop deep furrows or worry lines very early in life. This premature aging facial pattern of behavior can be broken with Botox.


As we age, the skin becomes less elastic and thinner so that when it stretches it does not snap back like it used to. This causes an excess of skin in certain areas. Also, the fat beneath the skin tends to move downward over the years as it’s pulled by gravity. This facial fat also decreases in quantity over the years. Loss of fat under the skin simply makes the amount of excess stretched skin appear even more exaggerated.

Even the bones in the face tend to shrink, which leads to an increase in the appearance of certain lines. Botox has no direct effect on the skin, fat or bone. It only works on the nerves that control the muscles.


Patients with any of the following:


Botox will increase the longevity of a filler material. Without the constant folding, wrinkling and crushing motion of the filler material created by the musculature, these filler materials lasts a great deal longer. By keeping up with Botox consistently over the years there will be a dramatic age-defying effect on the skin in that area.

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