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Get Swimsuit Svelte with 6 Simple Steps!

Weight Loss Doctor Orlando

By SUSIE BRAGG Ready for Summer? The weather is turning warmer and the sun will be out in full force soon enough. It’s time to start preparing for swimsuit season! We know that it’s not always easy to lose weight, but with our helpful tips, you’ll be able to get your body ready in no […]

Weight Loss with Contrave: Warning and Advocacy

Orlando Medical Weight Loss

A Fresh Look at the Contrave “Diet” Pill At Svelte MD’s medical weight loss clinics, we are always keeping track of up and coming trends in weight loss. There is quite a buzz about Contrave in the market and many are searching for answers. Many are looking for decent contrave reviews. We have put together […]

Don’t Think of it as Dieting. Think of It as a Lifestyle Change!

dont think of it as dieting think of it as a lifestyle change

Many diets fail simply because the participants lose weight and return to their same eating and exercise habits after their goal is reached. Generally, this leads to weight gain, even to the point where more weight is gained than the original starting weight. Svelte Medical Weight Loss wants you to be successful in your Orlando […]

5 Secrets to Rocking That Bikini

semaglutide orlando doctor

5 Steps to Getting Bikini Ready Winter is a time of comfort. Much of the country is draped in fleece and jackets, and the calories consumed in the form of doughnuts and cookies are easily tucked away, hidden from view. Summer invites much warmer temperatures and much fewer articles of clothing. The leaders in weight […]

How Alcohol Affects Weight Loss

alcohol affects weight loss

Did you know that consuming alcohol can wreck havoc on diets, and the caloric part isn’t the only part to be concerned about. Svelte, leaders in Orlando weight loss, share why alcohol can truly be a diet buster. To reach your weight loss goal, avoid alcohol as it impairs your judgement in making healthy dietary […]

Dr. Bragg’s Tips for Successful Weight Loss

If you are aiming for Orlando weight loss, Dr. Bragg of Svelte Medical Weight Loss Clinic, presents some tips that can help in this infographic. Congratulations on deciding to be a healthier you!     For more information on how Svelte can help you achieve Orlando weight loss, contact us at 407-804-5200, or contact us […]

Easy Exercises to Get Rid of That Belly Fat

Summer means leaving your comfort zone of sweatshirts and jackets and showing off your figure. If you have been running, walking, bike riding, or performing any other cardiovascular exercises and still have problem areas around your midriff, try these exercises brought to you by Svelte, your Orlando weight loss clinic, to trim the midsection and […]


If you are trying to achieve weight loss, good for you! Check out this information on how our Re-Boot Non-Prescription Weight Loss program works to get you in Svelte shape. Contact Svelte, the Orlando weight loss experts, today to start your journey to a healthier lifestyle. If you would like more information on how you […]

Rebound Hunger in America: Why Americans are Obese

To understand the obesity epidemic in America, we simply need to look to the food supply.  It’s not that Americans are indulgent, lazy, over-eating sloths. It’s actually that we are hungry most of the time due to what we ate earlier in the day. The food supply in this nation has been commercialized and, in […]

Small Weight Loss Can Mean Big Health Benefits

When trying to achieve weight loss in Orlando, FL, many people find it daunting, thinking they need to lose a ton of weight before they start seeing positive health results. Let us at Svelte ease your worries. We’re here to tell you that even a small amount of weight loss can result in huge health […]

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