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5 Secrets to Rocking That Bikini

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bikini-1416945_19205 Steps to Getting Bikini Ready

Winter is a time of comfort. Much of the country is draped in fleece and jackets, and the calories consumed in the form of doughnuts and cookies are easily tucked away, hidden from view. Summer invites much warmer temperatures and much fewer articles of clothing. The leaders in weight loss in Orlando, Svelte Medical Weight Loss, have five secrets on how you can shine in a swimsuit and the best news? This is a secret you can share!

Step 1: Just say no to fad diets

This week’s best diet plan is generally a short-term weight loss plan that will have your weight fall off, true, but is not substantial enough to keep the weight from creeping back on…and bringing friends. The latest fads, such as detoxing or food group elimination, leave many dieters fatigued and hungry; with the improper balance of nutrients, muscle mass is lost along with fat. Rather than skimp on protein, which tends to give you a feeling of satiation, eat meals with at least 20 or 30 grams of protein or enjoy a snack containing 10-15 grams of protein. This will keep muscle cells intact and make hunger disappear.

Step 2: Fiber makes your digestive system happy

Replacing the ever-present white bread and pasta with fresh fruit and vegetables and fiber-rich beans will give your plate the volume of food you are used to eating and leave you feeling fuller. The average person should consume about twice as much fiber as they are used to eating.

Step 3: Water world

Your body is approximately 70% water, and this precious fluid needs to be replaced frequently. Drinking 16 ounces of water before a meal will fill your stomach and make you feel fuller faster. Many people have a difficult time distinguishing hunger from thirst, believe it or not. When in doubt, drink a glass of water and then decide if you still feel like eating.

Step 4: Take responsibility

Eating a spoonful of yogurt while preparing lunches and a few fries at the drive through seems like no big deal until you step on the scale. All the little unnecessary bites you have throughout the day add up. Keep a food journal – either a true paper recording or an online version that can sync with your fitness devices – to truly understand the amount of calories you are consuming. In today’s electronic world, you can scan barcodes and download restaurant menus to determine exact caloric intake, then share your goals with an online community.

Step 5: Do something!

Around every corner is a gym begging for you to join. Fitness workouts, intense routines, workout machines, personal trainers, and classes with the latest dance moves keep you energized. Working out with others is usually a great motivation, and having a personal trainer or workout buddy pushes you to work out even on the days you feel like crawling back into bed.

Living by these five goals will keep your weight manageable, and working out has the added bonus of releasing endorphins – those “feel good” hormones – that keep your mood elevated for hours after you work out. For a tremendous start on your summer weight loss plan, call 407-804-5200 to speak with the weight loss in Orlando professionals at Svelte Medical Weight Loss.

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