physiotherapy-595529_1920Many diets fail simply because the participants lose weight and return to their same eating and exercise habits after their goal is reached. Generally, this leads to weight gain, even to the point where more weight is gained than the original starting weight. Svelte Medical Weight Loss wants you to be successful in your Orlando medical weight loss program by reminding you that weight loss is not a fad diet, but a lifestyle change.

Svelte loves it when its customers lose weight and when the weight remains off for a significant amount of time; they are overjoyed. Svelte’s goal is weight loss, but also it is a lifestyle change that will prevent weight from returning. Their plan involves more than eating less and exercising more, however. Svelte recognizes the importance insulin plays in weight gain and reduction. The fluctuating blood glucose levels that occur after eating – especially eating foods high in carbohydrates – have been found to lead to fat absorption and weight gain in the body’s tissues. By stabilizing blood insulin levels, a much higher percentage of diets succeed. Their plan is based on four principles:

The Orlando medical weight loss plans offered at Svelte Medical Weight Loss combine diet, exercise, and the correct balance of nutrients to keep your insulin levels, inflammation responses, and weight within your specific parameters. Call Svelte today at 407-804-5200 to learn more about our nutritious supplements and products, and read our blogs to learn how you can live a healthier lifestyle.