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Small Weight Loss Can Mean Big Health Benefits

physiotherapy-595529_1920(1)When trying to achieve weight loss in Orlando, FL, many people find it daunting, thinking they need to lose a ton of weight before they start seeing positive health results. Let us at Svelte ease your worries. We’re here to tell you that even a small amount of weight loss can result in huge health benefits.

Five Percent Weight Loss = Significant Results

A new study shows that obese individuals who only lose five percent of their body weight can experience significant changes in their health, such as a reduced risk of developing Type-2 diabetes, a decreased risk for heart disease, and improved metabolic function.

This clinical trial looked at 40 obese individuals with signs of insulin resistance and found that, after losing just five percent of their body weight, significant improvements were seen in the following areas:

  • Insulin sensitivity
  • Blood pressure
  • Heart rate
  • Triglyceride concentrations

These are some huge benefits! However, it should be pointed out that, at the five percent weight loss level, improvements were not seen in markers of inflammation.

A More Attainable Goal

And this is great news for many people who have been overwhelmed with the need to lose weight, as losing five percent of body weight is a much easier, and, therefore, attainable, goal than losing ten percent is.

If you’ve been discouraged in reaching your weight loss goals in Orlando, take this study as motivation to lose just a small amount of weight. Five percent is completely manageable and, if you need personalized support in doing so, we’d love to help you along your journey. Contact Svelte Weight Loss Center today to discuss your specific goals.

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