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Rebound Hunger in America: Why Americans are Obese

appetite-1239200_1920To understand the obesity epidemic in America, we simply need to look to the food supply.  It’s not that Americans are indulgent, lazy, over-eating sloths. It’s actually that we are hungry most of the time due to what we ate earlier in the day. The food supply in this nation has been commercialized and, in that process, we’ve added a lot of chemicals, stabilizers, sweeteners, color enhancements, and gums. Just look at any label on a canned, boxed, or frozen food at your grocery store to find the evidence. The commercial food industry has evolved into mass production suppliers where cost, taste, and shelf life dictate ingredients.

When food enters the gastrointestinal tract, blood vessels sense sugar levels of the food and trigger the appropriate release of insulin by the pancreas. Insulin is a hormone that enables sugar in the blood to transport into the cell for use as energy. When high sugar or carbohydrate levels are present in the blood, large insulin surges are released by the pancreas to handle all that sugar. The high insulin levels, in turn, handle all the sugar moving it into the cells or storing it away as glycogen. Once the sugar is absorbed or transformed into glycogen, leftover insulin remains circulating through the body on a hunt for more sugar. The brain responds to the insulin that is present by telling you to have something to eat, even though logically you know you can’t be hungry! Insulin is a powerful hormone, and it will send you into a sugar craving like nothing else will! Suddenly, a sugary soft drink, coffee drink, or even a Snickers bar from the vending machine, sound like a great idea.

This syndrome, known as Rebound Hunger, causes people to gain weight through delivering more calories throughout the day than needed. Extra sugar and/or carbohydrate in the diet must be stored as fat; nothing else the body can do with it. The key to weight loss is to tap into the fat storage and convert the stored fat back into sugar to use for energy. This is how the Svelte Medical Weight Loss program works. In order to burn stored fat as energy, insulin levels need to be stable for a prolonged period of time which is why a low glycemic, high protein diet works to lose weight. Some of the facilitating factors to a fat burning metabolism include weekly B12/fat burner injections, oral fat burner supplements, and lots of water for hydration. Fat burning is enhanced when hydrated.

The next time you find yourself hungry after lunch or dinner and you feel like reaching for the sugary snack or drink, try to remember it’s just insulin in your brain making you weak in that moment. Grab a big glass of water instead, and you may remove the craving all together! Once rebound hunger is interrupted, a fat-burning metabolism and subsequent loss of sugar cravings can be established empowering you to lose weight quickly and easily.

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