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Easy Exercises to Get Rid of That Belly Fat

plank-1327256_1280Summer means leaving your comfort zone of sweatshirts and jackets and showing off your figure. If you have been running, walking, bike riding, or performing any other cardiovascular exercises and still have problem areas around your midriff, try these exercises brought to you by Svelte, your Orlando weight loss clinic, to trim the midsection and show off the new you!

Your body acclimates to exercises rapidly, which means you have to change routines periodically to stimulate your muscles and your metabolism. Switch up your abdominal routine by using a few of these exercises every day, then changing the series or adding more repetitions. Remember, to reach your goals more quickly, move from the waist, not the hips. Keep your hips still and twist your upper torso. Exhale on the exertion to tighten your abs and hold your back steady. Also, work opposing muscles: try lower back exercises after an abdominal workout. If you exercise only your abs, it may affect your postural muscles.

  • Planks: Several varieties of planks can be practiced, from positioning yourself on your elbows and knees to hands and toes. A perfect plank is face down, arms extended and hands on the floor. Your body is straight from head to heel, and your toes are in contact with the ground. From this position, you can:
    • Hold for a count of ten, extending the time as your abdominal muscles strengthen.
    • Bend one knee and then the other, bringing either knee close to the ground without making contact for one set of 10. Hold steady for a count of 10, and repeat.
    • Bring one foot as close to the hand as possible and hold a beat. Return that foot to starting position and repeat with the opposite foot. Repeat 10 times.
    • Slowly remove weight from the left hand and turn your body to the left side while extending your left arm directly overhead. Hold for a count of four, return to starting position, and repeat with the right side. Start with one set of 10 to either side, adding more repetitions as your abs strengthen.
  • V-Sits: Much like planks, you can accomplish several exercises in this position.
    • Beginners sit on the floor with their legs bent and lean back approximately 45 degrees. Intermediate exercisers lift their feet off the ground so their bodies are in a v-shaped position. Advanced exercisers can add a hand weight.
    • Repeat the above exercise while moving clasped hands first to the left side of your body near the hip, then to the right side. Repeat 10 times.
    • From the v-sit, extend both arms in front of you, outside the knees. Beginners bring in one knee at a time with the opposite foot firmly on the ground, intermediates bring in one knee while the other is extended and repeat that exercise 10 times on the same side before switching, and the advanced bring in both knees simultaneously.
  • Donkey Kicks: This versatile exercise is great for the legs as well as the abs. While on your hands and knees, extend one leg straight backward, then bring that same knee into your chest. Repeat 10 times before switching to the opposite leg.

Abdominal exercises need not be a series of routine crunches. Mix up your workout and shock your muscles with a variety of new abdominal-building exercises. For more information on how you can trim your waistline, remove unwanted weight, and maintain a healthy lifestyle, read our past blogs, and call 407-804-5200 to speak with the Orlando weight loss professionals at Svelte.

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