plank-1327256_1280Summer means leaving your comfort zone of sweatshirts and jackets and showing off your figure. If you have been running, walking, bike riding, or performing any other cardiovascular exercises and still have problem areas around your midriff, try these exercises brought to you by Svelte, your Orlando weight loss clinic, to trim the midsection and show off the new you!

Your body acclimates to exercises rapidly, which means you have to change routines periodically to stimulate your muscles and your metabolism. Switch up your abdominal routine by using a few of these exercises every day, then changing the series or adding more repetitions. Remember, to reach your goals more quickly, move from the waist, not the hips. Keep your hips still and twist your upper torso. Exhale on the exertion to tighten your abs and hold your back steady. Also, work opposing muscles: try lower back exercises after an abdominal workout. If you exercise only your abs, it may affect your postural muscles.

Abdominal exercises need not be a series of routine crunches. Mix up your workout and shock your muscles with a variety of new abdominal-building exercises. For more information on how you can trim your waistline, remove unwanted weight, and maintain a healthy lifestyle, read our past blogs, and call 407-804-5200 to speak with the Orlando weight loss professionals at Svelte.