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3 Tips To Help You Manage Your Weight

So you’ve read all of the “guides to healthy living”, tried all of the recipes, drank the detox water, the whole nine yards, but you’re still not meeting your goal weight. Much of the time, when we know the foods we’re making are healthy, we overlook the importance of portion.

Regardless of how clean the recipe is, if you’re eating three chicken breasts with every meal, you’re not on the path to weight loss and improved health.

We have a few small tips that will have a tremendous impact on the success of your weight loss journey. Although they may seem obvious, most people don’t think of these things on their own. [Read more...]

5 Healthy Christmas Cookie Recipes!


Showing off your baking skills with your “to die for” Christmas cookies is a holiday tradition in the many homes. But now that you’ve made the change to a healthy lifestyle, what are you supposed to do? Does being healthy mean saying goodbye to time honored traditions? No more cookies!?

No! Before you get all stressed out and sad, you get to keep your Christmas cookie baking tradition. Thank goodness.

This year, instead of making cookies loaded with terrible ingredients, we’re going to be a little more health conscious with our healthy Christmas cookie recipes! Below are 5 cookie recipes that will show off your baking skills while keeping you fit!

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Clean Eating Beginner’s Shopping List

I’m sure you’ve heard somewhere along the line that, clean eating is not just a diet, it’s a lifestyle. That being said, you’ve probably been living your lifestyle for 20+ years, meaning you’re you very well adjusted to it. Deciding to eat clean is quite possibly the best health decision you could ever make, but I wont lie to you, getting into it can be a bit tricky.

Clean eating will lead to you having more controlled emotions, loads of energy, a toxin free body and ease of weight loss. There is no question of whether this is a good decision for your life. The hardest part about starting a clean lifestyle is knowing what to eat. So we are going to provide you with a guide to shopping to make this change come a little easier. [Read more...]

What Really Happens With Insulin Spiking Eating Habits

Insulin plays a very important role in keeping our bodies stable. As our blood sugar rises, as it naturally does after consuming carbohydrates, insulin is released. This hormone moves sugar from the blood into muscles and fat cells for storage.

This is all good and well and is exactly what should be happening in our bodies. However, when we begin to intake highly processed carbs such as pastries, pasta or candy on a regular basis, it becomes a danger to our health. The constant blood sugar spikes, and in turn, insulin spikes, can cause lasting damage on the body. [Read more...]

Foods For Burning Fat

The majority of people nowadays are on a mission to lose weight fast, whether it be a substantial amount, or only a couple of pounds. The problem is, we don’t know how. So we search the web for answers, and what comes up? Harmful drugs, life threatening surgeries and crazy diets. The majority of these weight loss methods are more destructive to your body than anything.

We want to shed some light on this situation. The truth is, you don’t need surgery or drugs to lose weight. All you need is a healthy diet with the right foods. Did you know that eating certain foods actually causes you to lose weight? It’s true! We’re going to share with you, 5 foods that will help you shed pounds. [Read more...]

5 Deadly Ingredients That Lead to Obesity

Thousands of people have chosen to start living healthy and eating clean for a number of reasons: they want to lose weight, reverse illnesses or avoid deterioration of bodily systems. We have yet another reason why you should consider changing your lifestyle.

Foods that aren’t clean cause more than just weight problems, the majority of them are literally poisonous. Many ingredients available to us here in the US are actually so harmful to the human body that they have been banned in other countries.

We have compiled a list of ingredients that you should avoid at all cost. Mind you, this is an incomplete list, the actual number of poisonous ingredients is quite substantial. [Read more...]

Healthy Thanksgiving Side Dishes

Making the change to a healthy lifestyle is one of the best decisions you can make for yourself. The positive effects can be seen throughout the body. Ease of weight management, more energy, a healthier immune system, these are just a few of the long list of benefits.

The biggest struggles, for those who are making the change to a healthy lifestyle, are the holidays. With Thanksgiving just around the corner we know the cravings are rising and self discipline becomes harder to maintain. Don’t worry, healthy living doesn’t have to mean missing out on the delicious holiday foods. We have a list of a few “clean” side dishes to treat your taste buds and your keep you on track to meet your weight loss goals. [Read more...]

What Are Superfoods?

“Superfood”, you can’t take a trip to the grocery store without seeing this term written somewhere. We see it on fruits, vegetables, grains and more, but what does it really mean? Due to the nature of the items this term is most often stamped on, we can safely assume it means “healthy” in some way.

Well to be exact, superfoods are those that are so densely rich in nutrients that they promote overall well-being in the body along with aiding the systems of the body to function efficiently. Superfoods are also known to cure and prevent degenerative diseases, fight cancer and reverse diabetes. [Read more...]

5 Weird Foods You Should Be Eating

With more and more people becoming aware of the benefits of clean eating, a lot of new food trends have begun to pop up. Many of the foods people are raving about are not actually as healthy as they claim to be. However, among the foods of these trends are a few gems that we couldn’t let go unnoticed. These foods have qualities that will do wonders in helping you reach your weight loss goals as well as maintaining healthy nutritional balances.

On our list of weird foods you should be eating are five unbelievably nutritious items.

[Read more...]

Eat Yourself Zen – 5 Foods That Relieve Stress

Stress causes weight gain and weight gain causes more stress, it’s a viscous cycle. According to Harvard Medical School stress triggers the fight or flight response in our bodies which then tells our bodies to hang on to fat because it thinks we’ll need it to face the emergency ahead. This all worked out really well when we were primal, but in our sedentary lifestyles there is not a lot of hunting or fighting off danger going on in most of our lives. So how do we combat this stress/weight gain cycle? With the right clean foods of course. [Read more...]