14 Weeks to a “Processed-Free” Diet

Eat “Processed-Free” in 14 Weeks We’ve all heard time and time again how dangerous processed foods are for us. Yet, that has done little to convince us to change our diets. Why? We know why, changing your diet is very difficult. It doesn’t happen in one day. In order to help you turn your diet […]

5 Activities That Make Living Healthy Fun!

Activities That Make Life Healthy and Fun When you think “healthy” do you think “fun”? Probably not. The word healthy is typically associated with repulsive, bland foods or exercising in the scorching heat. Neither of which, are very appealing. In this article we are going to talk about a few enjoyable activities you can do […]

5 Deadly Ingredients That Lead to Obesity

5 Terrible Ingredients that Make Us Fat Thousands of people have chosen to start living healthy and eating clean for a number of reasons: they want to lose weight, reverse illnesses or avoid deterioration of bodily systems. We have yet another reason why you should consider changing your lifestyle. Foods that aren’t clean cause more […]

Lose Weight Without A Diet

Losing Weight Doesn’t Have to be Difficult Svelte Medical Weight Loss Centers have three locations conveniently located throughout Central Florida. The benefits of using Svelte: Our patients in Orlando have a long track record of burning fat and losing weight quickly. Our program is flexible and is not designed to restrict your eating habits instead […]

Work That Fat Off

Work That Fat Off Coming into the summer season, many in Orlando and everywhere else are looking into new ways to get fit and get into shape. Whether you are looking at a weight loss plan on your own or perhaps having a look at Orlando medical weight loss, there are so many options out […]

Losing Weight Is Fun

Yes! Losing Weight Can Be Fun Many who seek out Orlando medical weight loss are also looking for ways to boost their routine and make weight loss fun. Here are a few great ideas so that your weight loss activities don’t end up boring. Make sure you move on out of your comfort zone, give […]

Lose Weight Without Working Out?

Can You Lose Weight Without Working Out? At some point in everyone’s lives, they may have wanted to lose weight- if you happen to be at that point right now, you have either decided that you have one of two options: eat better, or be more active. For those of you who have decided to […]

Seven Weight Loss Secrets

7 Weight Loss Secrets Here are just a few tips from people who, like yourself have decided to get on a weight loss plan and who have found success and met their goals. These tips are quite helpful and many people find them to be beneficial in a weight loss program. First and foremost, you […]

Weight Loss: Talk To Your Doctor

Speak with Your Doctor About Your Weight Loss Being able to talk to your doctor about weight loss is an important thing, but difficult at times. You may have tried quite a few different diets or weight loss plans before you thought about talking to your doctor, but, it is always best to go with […]

Natural Weight Loss Tips

Tips for Natural Weight Loss There are so many different things you can do to lose weight quickly and permanently- you may have heard of crazy diet plans involving lemons, vinegar, and then there are diet pills, fasting- all of these fad diets that may have caught your attention. However, the problem with these are […]