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5 Activities That Make Living Healthy Fun!

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Activities That Make Life Healthy and Fun

When you think “healthy” do you think “fun”? Probably not. The word healthy is typically associated with repulsive, bland foods or exercising in the scorching heat. Neither of which, are very appealing.

In this article we are going to talk about a few enjoyable activities you can do with your family, friends or on your own if you want, that will promote your healthy lifestyle choice.

Activities For a Healthier Life

1. Farmer’s market: If you are the type of person who dreads grocery shopping, try the farmer’s market. This is a perfect Saturday morning activity. You can bring your kids, or bring your dogs or both! As you know, fruits and veggies can be a little pricey. Farmer’s markets generally sell their produce for much less than the grocery stores, which is just another reason to love them. Also, if you’ve you never been to a farmer’s market, they sell more than just produce. This is the perfect place to get your local raw honey, or flowers for your garden. After a morning at the market, you’ll be well stocked with produce for the week ahead. Don’t forget the cash!

2. Parks: This is another great activity for families that will also help you meet your weight loss goals. Your kids will love getting out of the house, and you will benefit from the exercise. If you plan on going to the park, bring something that will help you to get your heart pumping. Whether it’s a bike, roller blades or the soccer ball, bring something. Make sure you don’t spend the entire time sitting on a bench watching your kids play.

3. Pool: If you have a pool in your home, put it to use! Swimming a few laps is wonderful for your health. If you do not, take a trip to your local community pool. Your kids will love the opportunity to meet new friends and your body will benefit from a couple laps in the cool, refreshing water.

4. Nature walk: Most towns have nature walks somewhere, it’s just a matter of finding them. These are wonderful for getting in a little exercise as many nature walks are structured to be slightly challenging. Why not go out for a walk and enjoy the beautiful day, your body will definitely thank you later.

5. Canoeing: If you’ve never been canoeing, don’t be intimidated by it. Canoeing can be as easy or as rigorous as you want it to be. Canoeing is also a wonderful family bonding activity as it calls for everyone to put in some effort. Plan a family canoeing / fishing trip to add some appeal to the boys. Pack a cooler of healthy snacks and voila! You have exercise, family bonding and healthy eating all in wrapped up in one activity.

Getting Healthy!

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