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Weight Loss: Talk To Your Doctor

Speak with Your Doctor About Your Weight Loss

Being able to talk to your doctor about weight loss is an important thing, but difficult at times. You may have tried quite a few different diets or weight loss plans before you thought about talking to your doctor, but, it is always best to go with a doctor’s advice. If you feel that your weight loss plans have not been working out for you, it may be that you don’t have an adequate support system in place- and a key component of a good weight loss plan for many, is the support and guidance of a doctor.

The first visit is usually one of the most important- your doctor will likely perform a full physical including blood work and a urine sample. This is to make sure that there aren’t underlying health concerns that may be causing weight gain or the inability to lose weight. Potential causes of this are diabetes, heart disease, thyroid and liver issues, metabolic issues or depression.

After ruling out underlying conditions, your doctor may discuss weight loss plans that would work for you. You’ll need to be ready with a full family history, which weight loss plans you have already tried, supplements and other medications you are using and how active your lifestyle is. When speaking to your doctor about weight loss it is vital to be as open and honest about these things as you can be so that you can then make a realistic weight loss plan that will work with your own level of fitness. If there are conditions that may be causing you problems with your weight loss goals, the doctor can then effectively address and treat those so that you can move forward with your weight loss plan.

Depending on your goals, the doctor may advise a few different courses of action. Usually this will start with a diet plan adapted to your specific caloric needs based on your level of physical activity. However, other alternatives may be discussed, such as goal setting, stress release and triggers, work out plans, diet pills or surgeries, and in some cases, the use of antidepressants. More often than not, your doctor will be able to gauge your level of readiness as your weight loss plan goes on, for instance, when it may be beneficial to begin cardio or weight training. Other things that a doctor can help with are customized diet plans based on your health conditions.

Speaking to your doctor about your weight loss plan can be a great way to get things on track from a physical standpoint. While a doctor is not going to have an overnight cure for your weight issues, no weight loss plan really can do that. However, a doctor will know what conditions may be impacting your weight loss plan and how to circumvent those, as well as the healthy levels of activity and diet that your body needs.

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