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14 Weeks to a “Processed-Free” Diet

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Eat “Processed-Free” in 14 Weeks

We’ve all heard time and time again how dangerous processed foods are for us. Yet, that has done little to convince us to change our diets. Why? We know why, changing your diet is very difficult. It doesn’t happen in one day.

In order to help you turn your diet around and cut processed foods out, we have devised a 14 week plan to eat healthy.

How to Cut Our Processed Food

Week 1 – During every meal of your day, incorporate at least two different fruits or vegetables (organic if possible).

Week 2 – Limit yourself to only drinking water, tea, coffee and milk. If any of your drinks require flavoring, add natural honey. One cup of juice OR wine is allowed once per day.

Week 3 – During this week, incorporate only meats that are raised within 100 miles of your hometown. Also, limit your meat intake to 3-4 servings in a week. Meat shouldbe a side item, or an added component for flavoring, never the focal point.

Week 4 – Absolutely NO fast food, or deep fried foods.

Week 5 – Incorporate two new whole foods that you have never tried before.

Week 6 – Stay away from all foods labeled: low fat, light, reduced fat, or nonfat.

Week 7 – Grains must not be consumed, UNLESS they are 100% whole grain.

Week 8 – Practice listening to your body, and responding. When you stomach feels full, stop eating.

Week 9 – Cut out any, and all, refined and artificial sweeteners. This includes: white sugar, brown sugar, raw sugar, sucanat, splenda, stevia, agave, corn syrup, high-fructose corn syrup, brown rice syrup, and cane juice.

Week 10 – Cut out any, and all, refined or hydrogenated oils including: vegetable oil, organic vegetable oil, soybean oil, corn oil, canola oil, organic canola oil, margarine, and grape seed oil.

Week 11 – During every meal, incorporate at least one locally grown or raised food. This includes: fruits, vegetables, eggs, grains, nuts, meats, and sweeteners like honey.

Week 12 – Cut out any, and all, added sweeteners. This includes: white sugar, brown sugar, raw sugar, honey, maple syrup, date sugar, maple sugar, sucanat, splenda, stevia, agave, fruit juice concentrate, corn syrup, high-fructose corn syrup, brown rice syrup, and cane juice.

Week 13 – Cut out all artificial ingredients, such as: sweeteners, flavors, and colors.

Week 14 – Say no to packaged food items that contain more than five ingredients, regardless of what those ingredients may be.

Svelte Medical Weight Loss

With the help of this 14 week plan, eating unprocessed foods with become natural to you.

Are you struggling to lose weight? Focusing on clean eating is a wonderful step in the right direction. However, it isn’t the only step. Svelte Medical Weight Loss Center of Orlando specializes in helping people reach their weight loss goals. Are you interested in learning more about what Svelte Medical Weight Loss can do for you? Contact our offices today to be on your way to losing weight fast.

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