• When you think of summertime in Orlando two words probably instantly spring to mind:? “hot” and “humid”? Yes, Florida exemplifies the classic characteristics of a humid subtropical climate.? The blistering heat combined with the heavy, damp air can be pretty uncomfortable for even the most heat-tolerant individuals.? For those who are overweight, the hot and humid Floridian summers can be almost unbearable.? If you are overweight and living in or near Orlando medical weight loss can be your solution to beating the discomfort of summer.Are you tired of breaking into a sweat the second you open your front door?? Are you sick of feeling sapped of energy by the walk from your house to your car?? If being overweight is ruining your summers, then you have every reason to want to take control of your life and your body.? Seeking out help from an Orlando medical weight loss specialist can be the key to gaining that control.Chances are you have tried to lose weight in the past.? Many people try again and again to lose weight over the course of their lives.? Many lose weight only to put it back on in a few? months.? Some are unable to lose weight at all.When we attempt to lose weight and fail we get discouraged.? If it happens enough times we tend to throw up our hands and give up.? Often we try to convince ourselves that losing weight and being healthier isn’t really that important.? We rationalize our unsuccessful attempts at weight loss by saying that it is just how we’re built – it’s beyond our control.However, medical research has shown time and again that being overweight is dangerous.? Being overweight puts you at risk of developing a number of potentially fatal health issues like diabetes and heart disease.? Science has shown conclusively that obesity reduces your life span.Why risk your life for something that makes you feel uncomfortable? Orlando medical weight loss specialists can help you lose that extra weight so that you can live a longer, healthier life and enjoy your summers without the burden of extra weight? Make this year the year that you take control of your weight and your life.With so many fad diets out there, why should Orlando residents go through the trouble and expense of seeking out medical weight loss specialists?? Quite simply, because medical weight loss is the only proven safe and effect means of weight loss? Orland medical weight loss specialists can help you lose weight and keep it off.The body is a complex biological machine.? If your car had a major mechanical problem you definitely wouldn’t ignore it and you probably wouldn’t say, “Oh, well I’m sure I can handle it myself.”? So why would you do it with your own body?Only medical weight loss specialists really understands the intricacies of the human body and the biological process of weight loss.? This is what makes Orlando weight loss professionals your best bet for finally losing that excess body fat? If you are living in the Orlando area and want to lose weight once and for all, contact an Orland medical weight loss specialist today.If you are looking to lose 20 pounds or more and are in the Orlando, Florida area you need to check out Svelte Medical Weight Loss Clinic. 7009 Dr. Phillips Blvd. Suite 240. Learn more about our Orlando medical weight loss clinic today.Save


    Susie Bragg has been a Registered Nurse since 1989, and specialized in both pediatric critical care and home health nursing before she and her husband - Dr. Richard Bragg - started their own medical practice in 1998. Susie is a breast cancer survivor who developed a keen interest in nutrition as way to live healthier. To schedule an appointment, call (407) 395-4836.