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What is “Sema”?


-by Susie Bragg, RN BSN (Nurse Educator) If you haven’t heard of “Sema” yet, you certainly will as this relatively new weight loss miracle transforms appetite suppression in an entirely different way.   In fact, Svelte Medical Director, Richard Bragg, MD has lost close to 70 pounds on the weekly injection since August of 2022. To […]

Can Weight Gain Cause Back Problems?

can weight gain cause back problems

Can Weight Gain Cause Back Problems? It is becoming an epidemic among Americans where an additional 3% of people in America are obese and 2% have a history of weight gain. Both groups suffer from a variety of health conditions irrespective of genders, race or even age. Researchers have linked increased body weight and abdominal […]

Can a positive mindset help with weight loss

positive thinking weight loss

Can a positive mindset help with weight loss A positive mindset is an important aspect when trying to accomplish a worthy goal. Weight loss goals are no different when it comes to having a positive mindset and a positive attitude to help anyone succeed in their fitness journey, whether losing 15 pounds or competing on […]

Does B12 Help With Belly Fat

belly fat

While most people want to lose weight for aesthetic purposes, fat loss has many benefits. When you lose weight, you can improve your respiratory and circulatory systems, increase energy levels, help with your immune reactions. Your overall the body systems improve.

Excess weight puts a strain on your body. As the body struggles, the heart and lungs also struggle. We don’t think about these things when we think of weight management and why it’s important to maintain optimal health.

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