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Can a positive mindset help with weight loss

A positive mindset is an important aspect when trying to accomplish a worthy goal.

Weight loss goals are no different when it comes to having a positive mindset and a positive attitude to help anyone succeed in their fitness journey, whether losing 15 pounds or competing on stage for a show.

Although positive thinking alone is not the only requirement to make any weight loss journey a success, it is undoubtedly beneficial, and many may overlook it. We’ve heard more than once that a positive mindset or positive thinking can help people achieve their goals.

Weight loss would fit in this category.

Positive thinking helps with weight loss efforts.

For many people, losing weight may be more accessible. For others, it might be one of the hardest things to do. Indeed, negative thoughts or self-doubt will not make things easier for you to accomplish your goals.

Taking action is the number one reason in determining your weight loss success.

A Winning Weight Loss Mindset

To increase weight loss success probability, checking in on your thoughts and feeling can determine how easy or difficult this journey could be. Having a negative attitude will certainly not help. No one competing to win will have a negative attitude or a negative image of themselves.

A winning mindset would be one’s own best friend when it comes to any challenge. And if you are reading this blog, chances are weight loss goals have probably been challenging for you.

As we get older, our eating habits might change to match our fast-paced life. Our exercise routine has probably gone from five times a week to once every two weeks.

How the Mind Controls your Body and Vice Versa

You’re probably aware by now that thinking causes our feelings, and feelings will cause us to move into action, and your efforts will produce the results. At least, that’s what recent studies have said in the area of Neuroplasticity.

So put: negative thoughts cause or negative thought patterns causes negative feelings. Negative feelings lead to negative attitudes and feeling powerless. Negative attitudes lead to negative actions such as mindlessly eating the wrong foods, poor exercise routine, lack of rest, lack of motivation.

And the results?

You’re unable to lose weight—your risk for health problems increases. Negative thoughts can adversely affect anyone’s weight loss journey.

Also, negative feelings can influence thoughts as well. Learn to catch yourself in this cycle and break free from this loop.

Positive thinking to change your Behavior

On the contrary, positive thinking can help you be more successful with your weight loss or any fitness journey.

So, positive thinking leads to positive feelings about yourself, and positive emotions will generate a positive attitude. A positive attitude will lead to positive actions such as making a healthy choice towards fitness goals. You’re more likely to have the motivation to work out or be active daily.

This means that your weight loss, your well-being, and achieving a happier self become more manageable and goals become more attainable.

How the power of positive thinking can help you to lose weight

Recent scientific research has concluded that our moods can play a much more critical role in achieving overall wellness. Also, it shouldn’t surprise anyone if positive thoughts and weight loss successes overlap. Positive thinking is essential for weight loss.

Often, negative feelings can cause people to succumb to cravings, overeating, or skip exercising each day.

Tackle negative emotions with Positive Thinking

Our lives will be stressful for most of us, and we often reach for something when we’re stressed out. Just like people go out for a smoke or have a few drinks when they’re having a rough time, it is not uncommon for people to get the unhealthiest food for comfort.

It could be a frappe, a hot-fudge sundae, or fill in the blank.

What are a Few strategies to help with weight loss?

Here are essential things to help you start with a winning mindset. Most people probably already know it, but here are a few things you can do ASAP to create your new self-image.

Set and COMMIT to a worthy Goal.

The plan will unfold before you when you set and commit to a worthy goal. Why does it need to be worthy? Because you won’t do it if it’s not worth it, and it will feel like a “WANT” or what most people would say a “DESIRE.”

Start with having a goal that you want to lose weight or the ideal body image you’d like to have.

Next, write it down. Handwriting enables you to focus more on your goals. Be specific about it in one sentence. Don’t be wishy-washy with what you want, and don’t be embarrassed or ashamed to want it as well.

Most people are often too embarrassed to ask for what they want from themselves, and unfortunately, that feeling of embarrassment comes from a negative self-image.

Set achievable goals, meaning healthy, manageable, and realistic, to avoid setbacks as much as possible. You will be met with resistance, and ensuring that what you’re doing is safe and effective will only help you succeed.

Set a Date

A date is a crucial part of the goal. You would want to set a realistic date that you’d want to achieve the weight loss so you don’t take extreme measures for no reason if you can avoid it. Setting a goal with a date prevents someone from losing 30 pounds in five years.

Setting a date gives you a deadline to work.

Read your goal every day.

Nothing is more critical than reminding yourself constantly about what you are up to. Read it as if everything is on the line. If you are at an unhealthy weight, you increase your risk of getting heart disease, diabetes, back problems, sleep apnea, and everything else that weight gain affects. So everything is kind of on the line when you think about it. It comes to your health and weight management.

Read your goal until it becomes fixed in your mind and repeat.

Visualize what you desire to help with Losing Weight

Imagining yourself as already having achieved the goal is vital to attain your goals, especially your weight loss goals. Ask yourself: what benefits would I have to have an excellent physical and psychologically healthy lifestyle? Visualize how it already feels to be in that ideal body image or having achieved that weight loss.

How would you feel about your overall sense of well-being? It’s essential to feel good about it because, as mentioned earlier, feelings can also change positive thinking to negative thoughts very quickly if left unchecked.

Post Positive Affirmations Everywhere

Do whatever it takes to remind yourself of your goal. If you need help with positive affirmations, post them on your bathroom mirror, on your wall, on your fridge, on your microwave. Wherever you feel like you need a reminder, post it there. Some people may need just a phone reminder.

For others, post-its, reminders, alarms, their friends, and their mommas are recruited to help remind them of their weight loss goals.

Do whatever it takes to help you lose weight. You’d be surprised how many people may want to join you.

Be around positive people.

Misery loves company, right? When you’re trying to achieve certain goals, being around negativity can play a significant role in being unable to win this game.

Being around positive people who encourage you to keep going will be extremely helpful when thinking positively is just not possible. Think of them as your cheer squad.

They would be way better at helping you feel better than that second slice of cake.

When it Comes to Weight Loss, Think long-term.

When making a lifestyle change to lose weight or adjusting your fitness routine, you may be surprised how much more weight you will lose when you set long-term goals. If you set unreasonable goals or expect too much in the short term, it might cause you to wonder how to achieve your objectives. If you get down despite the fact there is nothing to notice immediately. This way of thinking could affect your perception of being healthy.

Instead of doubting yourself, remember that your changes will lead you towards that goal.

If you want help in designing the ideal weight loss regimen, please give us a call to schedule a consultation. We have 3 convenient locations to serve you.

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