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5 Weight Loss Workouts You Should Avoid

workouts you should avoid

The Five Worst Workout Exercises for Weight Loss

Workouts are always fun when one realizes the positive effect they have on their body. However, the fun stops when you get to know that there are some misinformed facts about them that might bring detrimental side effects in the future. There are some weight loss workouts that one should always try to avoid when they are trying to shed those extra pounds and get a leaner body. Carrying these exercises will not only be a waste of time but will affect personal health in the future.

The following are 5 of the worst workouts that you should avoid when losing weight.

1. Extended cardiovascular exercise

Cardiovascular exercises are usually aimed at helping to improve the heart rate of which in turn induces a good rate of metabolism. However, doing it for too long usually has a negative effect to the body. Where performed for extended periods than recommended, it results to the loss of the mass of the muscles. In order to achieve the best results, one should try and put more focus on the intensity of the exercise rather than the period.

2. Traditional sit-ups

For the last century, there were no known workouts that gave the best results to the body than the sit-ups. Sit-ups usually offer great result to the body when carried out properly. However, where a body balance is not maintained, it results to straining of the muscles and numerous injuries.

Where one realizes that they are not able to have a better form when having sit-ups, it is better to avoid it at all means. The exercise consumes a lot of time, difficult and offer minimal results when compared with other exercises.

3. Eccentric fitness and AB gadgets

All the AB and other contraption exercise machines have come up with the advent of TV advertisements. The main problem that comes with these exercise gadgets is that they do not actually work.  The machines only cheat the body that is exercising by the engagement of all the other muscles in movement and the AB are not exercising. It is better to put more emphasis on body weight and the old ball exercises in order to achieve the best results.

4. Squat machines

Squat is usually named the king of all body workouts. The main reason as to why many bodybuilders use it is because it tends to concentrate on the muscles of the legs that are the largest muscles of the body. However, it is important not to confuse the normal squatting with that done using the squatting machines.

The squat machine is only best when used by beginners to teach them how to squat. After gaining the power and the art, one should then leave them out as they might form patterns that are counterproductive.

5. Presses behind the neck

The presses behind the neck might seem very beautiful when done during the beginning. However, they may cause a major problem when the muscles are injured. The best ones are the front military presses that are done under the chin.

The above are some of the common worst exercise done by most people in workout places. Where one has practiced any of these weight loss workouts, it is time to stop them and ask the personal gym instructor to advise one proper weight loss alternatives

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