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Orlando Corporate Wellness Program

Attention Human Resource Managers & Business Owners!
The Svelte Corporate Wellness Program offers your staff an excellent opportunity to get healthy & improve performance!  Why promote Orlando medical weight loss Svelte lifestyle in the workplace?  Svelte lifestyle means fat burning metabolism & the benefits are amazing!  To name a few:
  • Decreased inflammation in the body
  • Increased mental focus, awareness & production!
  • Decreased fat storage and BMI (body mass index)
  • Increased confidence, happiness, & effectiveness!
  • Decreased sick days, doctor visits, and lost productivity!
  • Increased health, longevity, and profits!
  • Decreased blood pressure, weight, & depression.
Introduce your staff to Svelte with a Corporate Wellness Lunch & Learn.  
This hour long lunch time event takes place in  your business at your convenience at no cost to your company.  Nurse Educator, Susie Bragg, RN, BSN will bring in Svelte approved lunch for you and your team & teach the Svelte Medical weight loss program in an informative “hands on” workshop.  Your staff will have the opportunity to ask questions about our Orlando medical weight loss program, eat a healthy “free lunch” & even weigh-in on a Tanita body analyst Svelte scale! (Weigh ins optional)  Our high-tech scale measures body fat and BMI; both critical for a weight loss care plan.
The advantages of the Corporate Wellness Lunch & Learn is that your staff has the opportunity to start the Svelte program at a significant discount:  “Only $225 to start Svelte Rx when you attend a corporate wellness lunch & learn!” (Svelte Rx regularly $299 start up. Minimum 5 lunch & learn Svelte Rx registrations required)
Booking a Svelte Corporate Wellness Lunch & Learn is easy too!  Simply call (407)804-5200 ext 46 (ask for Susie Bragg, Nurse Educator) to book or complete this contact form for more information or to schedule.  We look forward to assisting your team get Svelte today!


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