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Svelte Support Integrity Wheel

scale-403585_1280(1)When clients come to Svelte for help with meeting their Orlando weight loss goals, one of the tools we provide them with is our “Svelte Support Integrity Wheel”. The wheel is made up of eight spokes, each of which represents the different important pieces of your weight loss journey. They are:


  • Svelte Customized Meal Plan: A healthy diet is an important part of any weight loss plan. Since insulin production plays a significant role in weight gain and loss, our customized meal plans include foods that lower insulin levels in your body and help to improve your metabolism.
  • Exercise: An active lifestyle that includes regular exercise will help burn excess calories that would otherwise be stored as fat. Exercise also builds muscle, which helps to boost metabolism.
  • No Alcohol or Caffeine: Alcohol intake is eliminated from the diet as it contains empty calories and tends to increase your appetite while reducing your willpower. Caffeine is also removed from the diet since it is known to decrease insulin sensitivity, making it difficult for cells to respond appropriately to blood sugar.
  • Goal Setting: We work with our clients to set long-term weight loss and lifestyle goals. Then we break down those long-term goals into smaller, manageable weekly goals.
  • Appetite Suppressors: We prescribe all natural appetite suppressors to aid your weight loss efforts and monitor their effectiveness along the way, making changes if necessary.
  • Amino Acid Support: Fat burner supplements and a weekly B12/fat burner injection are also included to jumpstart your weight loss.
  • Staying Hydrated: Our bodies need to stay hydrated in order to function optimally. We recommend drinking a gallon of fluids every day, with water being a main source of hydration as it is a natural appetite suppressant that aids metabolism.
  • Accountability: Willpower alone usually is not enough to achieve weight loss. Having another person to check in with and be accountable to provides motivation for sticking with your weight loss program. For this reason, we schedule weekly coaching visits.


All of these spokes are completely supported by integrity, depicted at the center of the wheel. When integrity is compromised and one of the spokes is lost, you can experience a setback in achieving your goals. In order to be successful along the path to weight loss, having and maintaining integrity is key.

Put the Svelte Support Integrity Wheel to work for you! Contact Svelte Weight Loss Center today to have our knowledgeable and trained staff help you achieve your Orlando weight loss goals. You call (407) 804-5200, or contact us online.

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