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Intermittent Fasting Programs in Orlando, Florida

intermittent fasting program orlando


You have to be living under a rock to have not heard the term “intermittent fasting” lately. What is all the buzz about this magical weight loss program? Svelte medical weight loss breaks it down for you in laymen’s terms.

FASTING: To abstain from food. “Break-fast” happens when we wake up and interrupt the fast by eating!

INTERMITTENT: Coming and going at Intervals, not continuous.

Many of us automatically think of fasting as a religious practice probably because the first time we ever heard of such a practice may of been through religion. Research shows that a powerful phenomenon known as “Autophagy” occurs when the human body abstains from food for a prolonged period of time. What is Autophagy?

AUTOPHAGY: The digestion of cellular constituents by enzymes of the same cell.

So why is Autophagy so special? Because it has countless benefits for ALL the cells in your body. Cellular renewal is what Autophagy is and wow the anti-aging impact is phenomenal! Cellular re-generation is at the heart of all anti-aging process. Who knew that abstaining from food for a set period of time everyday could help us turn back time? Exciting right? The benefits of intermittent fasting don’t stop there!

At Svelte, all of our weight loss programs center around the insulin stability theory of decreasing inflammation in the body. How do you do that? By strictly eating non-inflammatory foods and drinks and hydrating your cells. With the “Svelte Fast” program, your metabolism will transform from sugar burning inflammation to fat burning efficiency. You may not even be aware of some of the inflammatory habits you are in right now and the Svelte program will interrupt those habits that are keeping you stuck.

Svelte Fast is a structured intermittent fasting program that allows you to customize your 16 hour fast every 24 hours to your lifestyle. That’s right, you will fast 16 hours a day while you have an 8 hour window each day to eat healthy. The results of being on a structured program such as Svelte Fast leave you feeling focused, energized, and empowered! You will create new habits that stimulate fat burning in the liver, our main metabolic organ.

Perhaps the idea of intermittent fasting isn’t for you. Let’s face it just because it is “in” doesn’t mean it fits your lifestyle. Svelte offers both prescription and non prescription rapid weight loss programs as well for your lifestyle! Remember, it’s about decreasing inflammation in the body, keeping your insulin level stable & hydrating your cells for peak performance.

Learn more with our Introduction to Svelte podcast available through request at or book a complimentary consultation today! (407)804-5200. You can do it! Let Svelte empower you to make your weight loss goals a reality. Get Svelte, get healthy!

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