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How to Deal With Sabotaging Friends

Dealing with Those Sabotaging Friends

Making the conscious decision to change your lifestyle, and start taking strides towards your weight loss goal is a huge step in the right direction. The next step you’ll have to take, is following through with your healthy lifestyle changes.

When most people think about this they say to themselves, “I have what it takes to control my own thoughts and cravings”. Although having the self control to get up and leave a room when you’re feeling weak, is important to your success, it’s also important to realize that you’re not the only one you will have to say no to.

Just because we’ve made the decision to live a healthy lifestyle, doesn’t mean that our friends have as well. In order to be successful on your weight loss journey, there are a few types of friends who you will need to recognize, and learn how to deal with (in a nice way).

The Types of Friends

The Encourager: This friend isn’t one you really need to “watch out for”. They’re on your side, they want to see you succeed. This a good friend to have lunch or lazy days with because they, more than likely, will not want to see you fail. Meaning they will encourage you to go for the healthy foods and will get onto you about considering junk food.

The “You Think You’re Better Than Me”: This is a really uncomfortable situation, but it’s more common than you would think. Improving yourself and your life often makes others feel guilty for not doing the same with their own lives. Instead of deciding to make healthy changes in their lives, many times friends will just lash out. If this does happen to you, the best thing you can do, is to explain to your friend why you’re making the changes you are. Explain that it’s for your own well being and that they shouldn’t feel inadequate. You could also encourage your friend to join you on your weight loss journey

The Tempter: This friend doesn’t really like change. They miss the old days when you guys would just plop yourselves on the couch, eat a gallon of ice cream and a bag of chips, and do nothing all day. You were their go-to lazy day friend. You’re not that person anymore though. When this person approaches you and asks if you want to order Chinese food tonight and watch some movies, what do you say? Well, it would be most effective to explain to this person that you are making healthy lifestyle changes. Instead of just blowing them off all together, ask them if they want to come over, you’ll cook dinner and then you guys can watch a movie. Don’t give into their temptation and don’t blow them off.

The Envious: This is your friend who is struggling with losing weight as well. They’ve always been a few pounds lighter than you or maybe you guys were similar in size. Now that you’ve began your weight loss journey, you are much thinner than they are. You have lost a significant amount of weight while they have remained virtually the same. So how do you deal with this situation gracefully? The goal here is to not lose your friend. What you could do is explain to them what you’re weight loss methods are and invite them to join you. This can be something you guys do together, not competitively. It will build your relationship instead of ruining.

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