• Hormone Pellet Therapy For Muscle Loss

    The very idea of wasting disease or muscle loss can be terrifying. The thought of gradually getting weaker over a matter of days can keep people up at night. Many things can cause muscle loss. Hormonal imbalance, chronic disease, the list is endless.The medical term used for age-related muscle loss is sarcopenia. It’s associated with low production of testosterone. Doctors often suggest hormone pellet therapy as a treatment option.Don’t let yourself waste away. Call or e-mail Richard Bragg at (407) 258-1646 and ask for information about hormone pellet treatment.

    How Does Hormone Pellet Therapy Work?

    When sarcopenia strikes, hormone pellet treatment is a great early response. Degenerative muscle loss, whether it comes from aging or chronic disease, is referred to as sarcopenia. No matter how it happens, muscle loss comes from a lowered testosterone production. The body simply can’t produce as much of it. Everyone produces at least a small amount of testosterone, which means this muscle loss can happen to anyone.

    If you’re concerned, you can spot signs of muscle loss by looking for the following symptoms:

    Visible reduction in muscle massAtrophied musclesConstant bodily fatigueStrength reducing at a rapid speedFrailtyReduced mobilityThe loss of muscle affects all aspects of a person’s life, greatly decreasing its quality. With muscle loss comes a higher risk of injuries.

    What Does Hormone Pellet Therapy for Muscle Loss Do?

    As previously stated, muscle loss comes from a lowered testosterone production. If you’re suffering from this problem, hormone pellet therapy is the best way to fix it. It rejuvenates the body, filling it with testosterone and helping it build new muscles.There are many home delivery methods. However, pills, patches, and creams simply don’t match up to hormone pellet therapy for muscle loss. The reasons include:It’s plant-derived and therefore all naturalThere’s no difference between it and your body’s natural testosteroneIt’s inserted underneath your skin by a trained practitioner, so there’s no worry of overdoseThe delivery method means it builds in your system at a consistent pace rather than leaving you with an up/down cycleStudies have shown that BioTE hormone pellet replacement therapy is both effective and safe. On average, patients report an increase in lean muscle mass within the first few weeks.

    Susie Bragg

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