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Hormone Pellet Therapy For Treating Hot Flashes In Orlando, Florida

Hot flashes, which are also referred to as hot flushes, might not appear to be a serious problem – that is until you experience one personally. Hot flashes, might last anywhere from a couple of minutes up to an hour. They can be very uncomfortable and affect your overall quality of life. Although women are more likely to get hot flashes, they can also occur in men. The underlying cause of regularly reoccurring hot flashes in many cases is hormonal imbalances. They can often be treated using hormone pellet therapy. Are you interested in getting relief for your hot flashes through receiving BioTE hormone pellet therapy? Ask for treatment information today. Contact Richard Bragg online or call (407) 258-1646.

What Are Hot Flashes?

A hot flash involves a drastic increase in the body’s temperature for a period of time, which is often followed by an extreme cold temperature which is referred to as “chills.” Someone experiencing a hot flash, in addition to seeing an increase in their body temperature, might also experience the following: Rapid heartbeat Dizziness Perspiration Redness in the neck Redness in the face A majority of hot flashes come from hormonal imbalances; too few key hormones are produced by the body, especially estrogen. Hormone pellet therapy can treat hot flashes. This treatment works at optimizing whatever we have a deficiency of.

How Hormone Pellet Therapy For Treating Hot Flashes Work

Safe and natural doses of estrogen are used by hormone pellet therapy to reduce the frequency of hot flashes. The estrogen provided in the treatment is identical chemically to what would normally be produced by the body if there was no hormone imbalance. There are many benefits offered by hormone pellet therapy for treating hot flashes when compared with other types of estrogen-delivery methods such as creams, patches or pills. When it comes to BioTE hormone pellet therapy that is especially true. BioTE hormone pellet therapy involves: Delivered consistently on a 24/7 basis, without any “roller coaster” effect from levels of hormones going up and down Provided in individual doses; no risk of accidental exposure for others or risk of overdose Over 80 years of studies demonstrate how beneficial and safe pellet therapy is when it is done right Inserted in-office once every couple of months Delivered underneath the skin within subcutaneous pellets BioTE hormone pellet therapy for treating hot flashes remedies hormone imbalance problems through replenishing depleted estrogen levels. It has been reported by patients who have received the treatment that they have had no or fewer hot flashes, that leads to the quality of their lives being improved. Ask Now For Hot Flash Treatment Information Are you being kept awake at night by hot flashes or is it making your daily life difficult? If so, it might be time to receive BioTE hormone pellet therapy for treating hot flashes. Ask for more information today.
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