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The Svelte Shot Secret

the svelte shot secret

The Svelte Shot Secret How is the Svelte Shot different from other B12 energy shots? Schedule an Appointment The Svelte Shot isn’t just any B12 energy shot! So what makes the Svelte shot different? So what makes the Svelte shot different? Are the shots all the same? Our injections are custom drawn up when you […]

Do Testosterone Boosters Really Pack a Punch for Testosterone Production?

2018 2019 testosterone boosters do they work

Do T-Boosters Really work? One of the questions I get a lot is: Do testosterone boosters actually work? We know that as we age our testosterone production diminishes, and at some point to maintain our youthful tenacity, we find ourselves looking towards the billion plus dollar supplement market. But what exactly can we expect when […]

Diets don’t work? Or does bad science generate bad data?

A Look at Diets, Science, and Faulty Data by Dr. Barry Sears One of the problems with diets is their focus on weight loss, not improved health. A recent study in Circulation states that it doesn’t matter what diet you follow for weight loss (1). On the other hand, we have the American Heart Association […]

Creating a “Clean Kitchen” on a Budget

You Can Go Clean on a Budget In today’s world, gaining weight and living on a poor diet is extremely easy, while eating clean and maintaining a healthy weight is wildly difficult. This seems a bit backward, doesn’t it? Many Americans were raised eating “junk food” that we didn’t even realize was bad for us. […]

6 Foods For Avid Snackers

weight loss snacks

6 Great Snacks for Weight Loss Let’s be honest, are you a snacker? Snacking can either be used to promote, or ruin your journey to meeting your weight loss goals. So why not promote it? There are certain snacks that you can eat that will have absolutely no negative impact on your healthy lifestyle. With […]

Marcy Kraft Weight Loss Journey With Svelte – Week 2

Marcy Kraft’s Weight Loss Journey with Svelte–Week Two Okay, one holiday down, one to go. Christmas is coming up in just a little under a month and you know what that means, sweets, treats and goodies galore! The last thing you want to do is be ill-prepared this season, and fall off of the healthy […]

4 Foods You Didn’t Know Were Bad For You

foods you didnt know were bad for you

Don’t Eat These Four Foods Clean eating has become a widely popular lifestyle change among Americans due to its endless list of serious health benefits. From turning around illnesses to weight loss to a happier state of mind the perks just keep on coming. However, on our clean eating endeavors, there are foods that we […]

Breaking the plateau

Break Through That Plateau Breaking the Plateaus Your weight loss diet plan was working so well, but all of a sudden, things are not going as planned. Have you hit a plateau or even started to gain some weight? With any diet you will eventually hit a plateau in weight loss or run the risk […]

Pick up your Zone Omega Fish Oils and Polyphenols in our office today!

Get Your Zone Omega Fish Oils & Polyphenols Today! Omega-3 Fatty Acids OmegaRx® Fish Oil – The purest fish oil you can buy, with or without a prescription. More than 2400mg of EPA & DHA per serving No detectable levels of lead or mercury when tested Proprietary validation and testing processes to achieve pharmaceutical-grade quality […]

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