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6 Foods For Avid Snackers

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6 Great Snacks for Weight Loss

Let’s be honest, are you a snacker?

Snacking can either be used to promote, or ruin your journey to meeting your weight loss goals. So why not promote it? There are certain snacks that you can eat that will have absolutely no negative impact on your healthy lifestyle.

With the help of this handy list of healthy snacks, you will be able to maintain your healthy lifestyle, without feeling like you are starving yourself.

Snacking For Weight Loss

1. Pistachios

Unlike most other types of nuts, pistachios have a much lower calorie count and fat content. Opting for pistachios rather than peanuts or almonds will allow you to eat twice as much while hitting the same calorie count. For example, 48 pistachios is equal to 28 almonds or 22 peanuts. Also, almost all of the fats found in a pistachio are beneficial to your heart and may reduce the risk of heart disease.

2. Carrots

Vegetables like carrots that have a high water and protein content and hardly any calories are a great snack. The high protein fills you up and helps you to feel fuller, longer. Other vegetables with these same benefits are: broccoli, cucumber, zucchini, celery and cabbage.

3. Raspberries

Do you have a wicked sweet tooth? Go for the raspberries. These little fruits are the perfect tool for the job. One cup of raspberries will give you eight grams of fiber and 60 calories. Along with being a great curb to a sweet tooth, raspberries are high in vitamin C, a cancer fighting antioxidant.

4. Greek yogurt

Six ounces of plain, nonfat Greek yogurt will provide your body with 20 percent of your daily recommended calcium intake while only adding . If yogurt doesn’t do the trick for you because you don’t get to chew, try adding nuts or dry cereal.

5. Hummus

This protein packed snack is a double whammy for health. Not only do you get all of the nutrients from the chick peas it’s made of, but it provides with another way to consume vegetables.

6. Almond butter

Almond butter is very rich in calcium and fiber, more so than peanut butter. For every tablespoon of almond butter you will intake one hundred calories. Spread a bit of this on whole grain bread for long lasting satisfaction and heightened energy levels.

See, snacking does not have to be a bad thing. Choose snacks that will add to your overall health, rather than taking away from it. Are you

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