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Creating a “Clean Kitchen” on a Budget

eat clean on a budget

You Can Go Clean on a Budget

In today’s world, gaining weight and living on a poor diet is extremely easy, while eating clean and maintaining a healthy weight is wildly difficult. This seems a bit backward, doesn’t it?

Many Americans were raised eating “junk food” that we didn’t even realize was bad for us. Those foods became part of our regular diet, until now. As we get older and our bodies stop responding so well to the harmful foods we are feeding them, we begin to question the nutritional value.

After coming to the realization that most foods are packed with destructive ingredients, we decided to “eat clean”. However, that is easier said than done. Upon arriving at the grocery store we begin looking at the prices, and they all add up to “Over Budget”.

But don’t give up just yet! We are going to teach you how you can eat healthy, on a budget!

Whole-Food Kitchen

1. Buy Local Foods

The best way to get fresh produce at an unbeatable price, is buy visiting farms and farmer’s markets. You will get your fruits and veggies just after they’ve been picked, and you will be able to ask the farmer about his/her practices.

2. Join a Co-Op or CSA

This is wonderful for both you, and the farmers. Register ahead of time and receive boxes filled with fresh produce from your area. This is also wonderful if you love to try new foods!

3. Buy in Season

In case you haven’t noticed yet, buying produce that is in season is significantly cheaper. Another added bonus, is that it’s actually nutritionally beneficial as well. Picking produce before it is completely ripe causes it to decompose and lose nutrients much faster.

4. Grow Your Own

Something as simple as a windowsill planter can provide you with herbs and vegetable for your salads! Try creating a grow container, or turning your balcony into a mini garden. This is a wonderful way to save money.

5. Stop Eating Out

You will be completely amazed by the amount of money you can save by not eating out. Even the simplest of places cost $20 dollars for the family. Cut this out and you will be saving hundreds.

6. Pack a Cooler

If you know you are going to be out for the day, pack a cooler. Bring fruits, veggies, sandwiches, whatever your family will need to keep the hunger at bay.

7. Drink Water

You will save tons of money, and keep your family healthy by sticking to the basics: water, coffee, and tea.

8. Buy in Bulk

When it comes to your staples like grains and brown rice, it is smartest to buy them in bulk. This will keep the cost down to a minimum that you wouldn’t be able to get if you bought smaller quantities.

Svelte Medical Weight Loss Center

These are just a few of the ways that you can cut costs while creating a whole-food kitchen. For more great tips on healthy living, continue to follow the Svelte Blog.

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