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4 Foods You Didn’t Know Were Bad For You

foods you didnt know were bad for you

Don’t Eat These Four Foods

Clean eating has become a widely popular lifestyle change among Americans due to its endless list of serious health benefits. From turning around illnesses to weight loss to a happier state of mind the perks just keep on coming.

However, on our clean eating endeavors, there are foods that we mindlessly label as “clean” merely because of their title or the fact that we’ve been eating them practically since birth. So we’ve selected four foods that, after reading this, you will want to shun from your life.

1. White Pasta: We love it in all shapes and sizes and in practically any dish. Kids love them, adults love them so what’s the problem? White pasta is made from refined white flour which has no nutritional value. Which, getting no nutritional value seems like something we could live with in order to still be free to indulge in a massive bowl of spaghetti. However, along with the lack of nutrition, white pasta can be a cause of the life-threatening disease, type two diabetes. The carbohydrates contained in white pasta causes a steep rise in sugar in the blood stream and, counteractively, a steep rise in insulin being released. To avoid all of this madness try a healthy alternative such as quinoa or zucchini noodles.

2. Ketchup: The time-honored tradition of drenching your fat and preservative packed french fries and chicken nuggets in ketchup has become a thing of the past, because now we don’t eat french fries and chicken nuggets that are bad for you. We’ve learned to use clean foods to make similar meals that are beneficial to your health, but we still use the ketchup…NO! The ketchup has to go too! Ketchup not only contains high fructose corn syrup, a leading cause of obesity and type two diabetes, but it doesn’t have any nutritional values from the tomatoes its “made from”. Instead of reaching for this pantry staple, try salsa or sun-dried tomato hummus!

3. Soy sauce: Mmm, there’s nothing more delicious than a little soy sauce on your clean sushi roll, am I right? Well I mean, unless of course you don’t like the taste of rising sodium levels and cancer-inducing chemicals. But to each his own. Of course no one likes those negative health effects. There are many soy sauce alternative recipes available online.

4. Fruit juice: Many individuals believe there is no better way to start your morning off right than with a large glass of fruit juice. Before you take that to heart, consider this. Many fruit juices contain only a small percentage of the actual juice from the fruit and contain added sweeteners such as high fructose corn syrup (which we all know is a killer). Even if you happen to by 100% fruit juice you will still be missing out on the fibers and vitamins naturally found in fruit. The answer to this dilemma? Start your morning with a fruit in its whole form such as an apple or an orange and have a glass of water as opposed to the unhealthy fruit drink.

With all of this new knowledge of foods that you thought were healthy, but actually aren’t,  you can now continue along you new clean eating lifestyle with a clean conscience knowing that you aren’t mindlessly indulging in these quiet killers. Clean eating is a great method for shedding fat and purifying your body. If you’re searching for a quick weight loss method, contact Svelte Medical Weight Loss. We specialize in helping individuals meet their goal weight fast.

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