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Do T-Boosters Really work?

One of the questions I get a lot is: Do testosterone boosters actually work? We know that as we age our testosterone production diminishes, and at some point to maintain our youthful tenacity, we find ourselves looking towards the billion plus dollar supplement market.

But what exactly can we expect when we start taking these “over the counter” testosterone boosters?

First, let me answer whether testosterone boosters actually work. Testosterone boosters work to a degree, but according to a study by the FDA referenced in an article by The Guardian (source), it’s the zinc in these products that produce the testosterone boosting effects. Zinc can raise your testosterone levels. It’s low in our diets.

So what should you do if you are dealing with low testosterone levels?

Let’s go a bit further into The Truth about over the counter Testosterone supplements! (And why we believe bio-identical pellet therapy is ideal)

Are Testosterone Boosters Bad?

Have you noticed? You can’t even get through a 30 minute news broadcast on TV without seeing a commercial for Testosterone boosting supplements like “Nugenix” with Testafen… a free testosterone booster.

The truth is, there is a lot of money to be made in the “low T” marketplace today.

What Causes Low Testosterone or Insufficient Testosterone and What Can You Do About It?

Low T, also known as low Testosterone, is a condition where a male enters andropause. Andropause, similar to menopause in women, is a decrease in readily available male sex hormones in the blood.

Why does this happen? Well many factors contribute to Andropause including: medications, aging, and even prostate/testicular cancer treatments.

The market for Testosterone supplements is a massive two billion dollar a year industry. Many men have their T supplement shipped automatically every month taking their tablets religiously 3 times a day.

But do the Low-T supplements really work?

A 2015 study by the Food and Drug Administration yielded results that there are no true quantifiable benefits of taking testosterone supplements.1 (cited source) Why then do men continue to buy up the supplements and swear to their efficacy? The secret probably lies in the fact that popular supplements like “Nugenix” contain B vitamins & Zinc which naturally improve energy levels in men while possibly improving natural availability of testosterone in the blood.

So guys the supplement doesn’t need to be “testosterone specific” to give the results you seek! Save your money and buy zinc supplements with B6 and B12.

Not to pick on Nugenix but the key ingredient they claim provides the results is somewhat of a mystery. Testofen®, a made up word that represents Fenugreek extract, Fenuside, L-Citruline Malate, and Tribulus terrestris.

  • Let’s start with Fenugreek: it’s an herb commonly added to medicine to hide strong tastes.
  • Turns out Fenuside is also a made up word that means Testofen.
  • L-Citruline Malate is a non essential amino acid that your kidneys will change into a L-arginine which is good for us similar to a big leafy green salad. Again, this T boosting supplement keeps showing up as a dietary supplement.
  • And finally, Tribulus terrestris, an aggressive noxious weed with little known nutritional value but sounds really impressive on a label.


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What is the Best Way in 2022/23 to Supplement Your Testosterone Levels?

So if Andropause is a real thing, (and it is when proven with blood tests) and if testosterone eliminates andropause, how do we actually supplement the body with REAL testosterone?

The most effective way is to do it in a clinical setting. If you want to stay away from seeing a doctor, you can consider increasing your zinc intake according to the label of the supplement you purchase.

The Reality of Synthetic Testosterone Injections

Synthetic testosterone injections have been extremely popular in the US with over a billion dollars spent annually.

Synthetic Testosterone will definitely get your free testosterone level elevated and the majority of men receiving synthetic injections report temporary relief of their andropause symptoms.

The trouble with synthetic T is the instability it poses in the blood and the long term heart/blood vessel and even cancer health risks.

Why does synthetic T send a guy’s testosterone level soaring and then diving back to lows even worse than before treatment?

Complaints About Using Synthetics

Setting aside unregulated use like the one you get from big-armed Louie at the gym that was batched up in his kitchen not using exactly state of the art equipment to create or regulate dosage, let’s look at clinical use complaints that men often cite.

One of the main complaints of men on synthetic injections is that they cannot maintain the soaring level of testosterone and often experience irritability, hypertension, and even a “hang-over” effect from the treatment.

This cannot be remedied as the intra-muscular injections of synthetic T can only work one way. There is a large volume of free synthetic testosterone injected into the blood stream rapidly through absorption in the large gluteal muscle.

This is followed by a few days of circulation with concomitant binding of the synthetic T to the male sex binding hormone. And you need another injection as you feel your T levels bottom out again. This is the rollercoaster of synthetic T injections.

Many scientists warn against the dangers of pro-longed synthetic Testosterone injections because statistics show an increase risk of heart disease, stroke, and prostate cancer when exposed to years of synthetic testosterone therapy.

What’s a Reputable Alternative in 2019 and 2020 to Boost Your Testosterone Levels?

Dr. Gary Donovitz, founder of BioTE Medical, offers more detailed accounts of the dangers synthetic testosterone injections pose in his Amazon Best seller “Age Healthier Live Happier”. We literally give this book out at our practice to educate our clients on the difference bio-identical testosterone optimization makes.

Bio-identical Testosterone Therapy – The Preferred Alternative to Synthetics and OTC Testosterone Boosters

Bio-identical testosterone therapy is radically different than synthetic injections!

First of all, your physical assessment of symptoms and complete bloodwork panel is evaluated by a physician for diagnosis of andropause or menopause.

Yes ladies, Testosterone is important to us too!

The ovaries produce Testosterone which gives a woman energy, focus, a sex drive and a smaller waist! No wonder everything changes once our ovaries quit on us.

Svelte Medical Weight Loss Centers offer bio-identical hormone optimization because the medical director, Dr. Bragg, suffered with andropause and tried all the supplements, roll-ons, creams and injections.

Then he found bioTE and the pellets have changed not only his life but hundreds of our Svelte clients too!

Bio-identical pellets somewhat fool the body because your body can’t tell the difference between its own testosterone production and that of the bio-identical pellets. It virtually eliminates the cyclical effects that you can experience associated with the use of synthetics.

Safe, effective, healthy, and life changing is bio-identical hormone optimization from Svelte with bioTE!

Call (407)804-5200 or email us through https://sveltemd.com to request information about bioTE or to book a free consultation today.

We are committed to spreading the word about bioTE bio-identical hormone optimization because it’s an ideal way to age healthier & live happier!

Visit Amazon.com to order Age Healthier, Live Happier by Gary Donovitz, MD, or ask us for a free copy next time you are in the office.

Thank you for reading this article and for being interested in aging and bio-identical hormone optimization!

FDA Reference Article: “Researchers say there are no benefits of T supplements for men”  The Guardian. Sept 21, 2016 by Molly Redden 

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