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Are Obesity and Breast Cancer Related?


Breast Health and Obesity

It’s October, so it must be time for Breast Cancer awareness! This time of year serves the social duty of reminding people that breast cancer is still a major threat to millions of women (and, in some cases, men) all over the world, and that it must be fought by any means necessary. One such method for fighting breast cancer is to reminding women of the importance of weight loss.


Obesity has been discovered to play an important part in many forms of cancer, but namely in the occurrence of breast cancer. In 2001, in fact, a study provided information that pointed to obesity as being related to 25 – 30 percent of several major cancers. Inactivity in general seems to add to the problem, as well.

Another problem that obesity presents is that it makes checking for breast cancer much more difficult, hence making it almost impossible for early detection and prevention. You see, as more fat is stored in the breasts it becomes easier for cancerous growths to remain undetected by touch. It is even especially difficult to see a possible tumor as it has more fatty tissue to hide underneath.

If you are overweight it is essential to get regular mammograms, especially as you near Menopause (when women are at a higher risk for breast cancer). Mammograms are much more reliable for detecting threatening growths than self-testing, and if received regularly they play an unequaled role in the early detection of the cancer.

So please remember: Breast Cancer is a villain that must be stopped, a destroyer of families and friendships. If you are overweight, we urge you to exercise and keep a healthy diet, and to receive regular mammograms. The only way to beat breast cancer is to stay on top of it, by whatever means necessary.


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