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Svelte Weight Loss

About the Svelte Medical Weight Loss Program

Tired of seeing disclaimers like “results not typical on every diet product you see? With Svelte, our claims ARE TYPICAL!” Find out more by calling Svelte Weight Loss of Lake Mary & Orlando Lose 5-10 lbs in the first week and 15-20 lbs in the first month!* Administered by Richard Bragg, M.D. and his professional staff, Svelte Medical Weight Management is a medically supervised program that promotes increased energy and safe, effective weight loss. The basic concept behind the Svelte Program is about getting control of your body’s insulin levels. High insulin levels drive your sugar levels low which makes you crave carbohydrates and sugar. When your body processes the sugar and carbohydrates, it feeds a vicious cycle. This drives your insulin level higher and produces more hunger cravings. Svelte Medical Weight Management teaches your body to burn fat for fuel instead of using stored sugar and carbohydrates. On a daily basis, you take in much more sugar and carbs than your body needs. Your body’s insulin stores the extra sugar and simple carbs as fat. Since your body never runs out of it’s supply of sugar and carbs for fuel, it never gets a chance to burn the fat, your body’s natural fuel storage. This is why no matter how hard you try, you cannot seem to lose the weight. Our goal is to provide you with the resources and tools required not only to reach a healthy weight, but to maintain a healthy weight. *Results are TYPICAL but cannot be guaranteed.

Common Question About Our Program

Are there any contracts?

No! Svelte Weight Loss does not require you to sign any long term contracts.

How much does the program cost?

The initial visit with the doctor includes a medical history, limited exam, blood pressure, weight, body fat, EKG, blood work, injection for cravings and fat burning, one month supply of fat burner and vitamins, and a one week supply of prescription appetite medication for $260. After that, $75 per week for blood pressure, weight, and body fat measurements, your injection and a week’s supply of prescription appetite medication.

How does your program work?

Dr. Bragg’s program is based on lowering insulin levels. This is accomplished by eating foods that don’t spike your insulin level. When insulin levels are low, fat is burned instead of sugar and hunger is controlled.

What if I have diabetes or high blood pressure?

We have a special program for patients with diabetes that dramatically lowers their sugar readings.? We monitor your blood pressure every week and blood pressure medication usually has to be tapered off by your physician.? We have had many patients that have come off up to 5 medications for diabetes and blood pressure after losing weight and lowering their insulin level.

Do you use hormones or human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG) shots?

Our program does not involve the consumption of hormones by mouth or via cream or injection. Our supplements are natural vitamins and amino acids for energy, fat burning and to curb cravings.

Are the doctors board certified?

All physicians at Svelte Medical Weight Loss are board certified medical doctors that have been trained in the United States of America and have been patients themselves on our weight loss program.

What if I am a vegetarian?

We have a specific diet just for vegetarians as well as protein powder (tasteless) to help increase protein consumption to a desired daily level.

Can overweight children be on the program?

Children over 10 can be evaluated to see if they qualify for the weight loss program with parental approval. The FDA requires children to be 16 years old before being prescribed medication for appetite. We do have alternative medication choices for children under 16.

Are there any foods to buy?

There are no prepackaged foods that must be purchased from us. You can purchase all your food from the neighborhood grocery store.
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