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5 Tips for Dealing with Halloween Treats

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5 Healthy Halloween Tips

Halloween is a fun holiday with lots of treats enjoyed by children and adults alike. But don’t let it be the start of a downward spiral in your Orlando weight loss efforts this holiday season. Here are 5 tips from Svelte to help you deal with Halloween treats so your healthy eating habits don’t get derailed.

  • Eat Beforehand – Having a small meal or snack with a good balance of protein and healthy carbs is always a good idea prior to going to any celebration, whether it be a wedding, holiday dinner, or Halloween party. Eating something beforehand will hold you over until the event so you don’t arrive starving and more inclined to overindulge.
  • Be a Procrastinator – Buying Halloween candy is one instance where we’ll completely encourage you to procrastinate! By getting candy closer to the holiday, it won’t be lying around your house for too long and you’ll have less time to give into the temptation to treat yourself to “just” one…or two…or three…
  • Buy What You Won’t Eat – Either buy candy that you don’t like or, if you eat any candy that’s around, consider giving out non-candy treats, such as bags of pretzels, popcorn, stickers, or pencils.
  • Treat Yourself – Allow yourself to enjoy the holiday and have a small amount of your favorite candy or dessert. The key is not to deprive yourself and to be present so you can actually enjoy what you’re eating, rather than eating mindlessly.
  • Give it Away – Instead of keeping extra candy around (whether leftover from what you bought or from children’s trick-or-treating adventures), consider donating some to the troops or bringing some into work.

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