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5 Tips for Dealing with Halloween Treats

healthy halloween

5 Healthy Halloween Tips Halloween is a fun holiday with lots of treats enjoyed by children and adults alike. But don’t let it be the start of a downward spiral in your Orlando weight loss efforts this holiday season. Here are 5 tips from Svelte to help you deal with Halloween treats so your healthy […]

How to Make Your Kids Love Eating Healthy

Get Your Kids to Relish Healthy Eating One of the biggest struggles we encounter as parents is getting our children to eat healthily. Sure you can force them to eat healthy by only serving healthy foods. However, wouldn’t you prefer that your children actually enjoyed eating healthy? Now you may be thinking to yourself, “I […]

Teens Weight Loss Surgery

About Weight Loss Surgery for Teenagers The rate of obesity is increasing every day. This has led to the increased popularity of weight loss surgery for the teenagers. Despite the high cost of the surgery and the failure of the insurance companies to cover it in their policies, many men, women and teens that have […]

2022’s Top 10 Ways To Stay Svelte

top 10 ways to stay svelte

Top 10 Ways To Stay Svelte Pretty soon we’ll be leaving 2021 behind. 2022 is on its way, and most of us would like to ring in the New Year in as best shape as possible. Whether you are planning ahead for 2023, or you’d simply like to remain thin and healthy for the upcoming […]

Reducing Obesity in Central Florida Kids

Reducing Child Obesity in Central Florida Child obesity is a large concern for many parents in Central Florida. Eating healthy and being active are the primary methods to keeping kids fit and allowing them to maintain healthy habits for the rest of their lives. That is the goal of ROCK, a regional consortium that is […]

Run4Dreams 5K in Reunion, Florida

Run4Dreams 5K in Reunion, FL The Sunshine Foundation Dream Village will be hosting a 5K walk/run on May 21st in Reunion, Florida. This event is special because it benefits the Dream Village, a 22-acre “permanent oasis for families to escape hospitals and needles, if only for a short time.” The fairytale-themed settlement started in 1989 […]

Diets for Kids?

Do Kids Need Diets? Carmen Stacier, Chief Mom at poses an interesting question to parents: “Should You Put a Child on a Diet?” Her short answer is, yes. Here’s what she means: I’m not advocating starting your eight year old in the Weight Watchers plan, packing the lunchbox with Slim-Fast shakes and enrolling your […]

Children and Weight Loss

Weight Loss for Kids? Overweight children has increasingly become an issue over the last twenty years and there are ways to make sure that it doesn’t happen to your child in the first place. There are also ways to lose the weight if there has already been weight gain. There are many things to consider […]

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