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How to Make Your Kids Love Eating Healthy

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Get Your Kids to Relish Healthy Eating

One of the biggest struggles we encounter as parents is getting our children to eat healthily. Sure you can force them to eat healthy by only serving healthy foods. However, wouldn’t you prefer that your children actually enjoyed eating healthy?

Now you may be thinking to yourself, “I know my kids, they will never like healthy foods”, but we have a few tips and tricks to share with you, that will completely change the way your kids see healthy foods.

Tips and Tricks For Changing the Way Your Kids See Healthy Eating

1. Involve your kids

This is a great idea for getting your kids to like eating healthy. Instead of plopping them down at the table and setting a plate of unknown, and maybe even smelly, items in front of them, involve them! When you are heading to the grocery store, bring them with you. Give them their own bags to fill with produce. Allow them to choose healthy foods that look appetizing to them! You will be amazed at how this changes the way they feel about healthy food.

2. Let your kids cook

By this we don’t mean let your children handle dinner for the night. We simply mean, if carrots need pealing or fruits need washing, let your kids do it. The more involved they are with the process of choosing and preparing foods, the more they are going to become familiarized with what they are eating, and the more receptive they will be.

3. Stop rewarding with junk food

Let’s be honest, we all do this from time to time. You ask your children to do this, or that and tell them that if they do, you will give them “__” fill in the blank. What we don’t think about is the long term effects. Giving your children junk foods is going to make it harder for their taste buds to adjust to the healthy foods you are trying to switch them over to. Think of junk food as a reset button. Every time you give your child a piece of candy or potato chips, you are starting over from scratch.

4. Go on picnics

Taking your children out into nature, where their food originally came from, is a great idea. Talk with your children about the nature around you as you enjoy fruits and vegetables together. Something about being in nature makes eating the foods of the earth a little more interesting and all the more enjoyable!

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