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5 Weight Loss Workouts You Should Avoid

workouts you should avoid

The Five Worst Workout Exercises for Weight Loss Workouts are always fun when one realizes the positive effect they have on their body. However, the fun stops when you get to know that there are some misinformed facts about them that might bring detrimental side effects in the future. There are some weight loss workouts […]

Teens Weight Loss Surgery

About Weight Loss Surgery for Teenagers The rate of obesity is increasing every day. This has led to the increased popularity of weight loss surgery for the teenagers. Despite the high cost of the surgery and the failure of the insurance companies to cover it in their policies, many men, women and teens that have […]

5 Weight Loss Management Tips

weight loss management

5 Tips for Weight Loss Management Healthy weight management can be defined as the ability for one to be able to maintain good body weight by making proper lifestyle choices. Having excess exercise and restrictions of the amount of the calories intake is not part of the healthy weight loss management tips. For a person […]

Weight Loss Management During Pregnancy: Pregnancy And Weight Gain

Pregnancy Weight Loss Management Pregnancy usually brings lots of joy and excitement for the new member expected to join the family soon. Where one has had several pregnancies, they are aware of what they should expect. However, if this is the first time, the mother should expect lots of changes. One of the major puzzles […]

Medical Weight Loss Center – How to Choose the Right One

How To Choose the Right Medical Weight Loss Clinic Choosing a medical weight loss center is an important decision that can have a significant effect on your overall well-being. The right weight loss center has programs designed to help you reach your goals and maintain a healthy weight, cares for the mind as well as the […]

Medical Weight Loss Solutions – Why You Should Consider It

Why You Should Consider Medical Weight Loss When you are battling overweight you are likely to try out all kinds of ways to slim down and lose weight. Some of them may be gimmicks, but many of them actually work and help people lose weight. Medical weight loss solutions that are backed by medical research […]

Advantages of Using a Medical Weight Loss Diet

Physician Assisted Weight Loss Advantages If you simply want to lose a few pounds or are severely overweight and need to lose a lot, you have probably tried many diets. You may have bought diet books or joined an online diet program. You may have opted for meal replacement therapies as a substitute for food. […]

Prepare like an Eagle Scout!

Avoid School Morning Chaos: Prepare, Prepare! As the new school year rapidly approaches, it is easy to get rushed in the morning waking up earlier, getting the kids ready and making lunches.  To stay on track, preparation is the key.  Go to the grocery now and fill your frig with the “easy pack” healthy foods. […]

Introducing Lipo-Lite

What is Lipo-Light Treatment? Lipo-Light is the latest scientifically proven treatment available for sculpting the body and assisting in the disappearance of unsightly fat bulges. It uses the power of Light Therapy in a non-invasive, risk-free, natural and healthy way to lose inches from the troubled areas of your body. For about half an hour […]

Back to School Special Events: August 27-31

Back-to-School Special Events: August 27-31   “Monday with Madge”: book an appointment for Monday, August 27th in our Dr. Phillips Center and save 25% any procedure! (sclero, botox, Juvederm)     “Two Peel Tuesday!  Buy 2 peels and save:  VI Peel or Deluxe Peel (regularly $325 each) only $475 for two! Buy both for you […]

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