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Introducing Lipo-Lite

What is Lipo-Light Treatment?

Lipo-Light is the latest scientifically proven treatment available for sculpting the body and assisting in the disappearance of unsightly fat bulges. It uses the power of Light Therapy in a non-invasive, risk-free, natural and healthy way to lose inches from the troubled areas of your body. For about half an hour you will enjoy a treatment that is relaxing and totally pain-free. With regular use, one can expect to lose about 2-6 cm. The Lipo-light works by triggering the break down of fat cells to release free fatty acids. Free fatty acids provide the body with energy which gets burned or used up via exercise to prevent them from returning to the fat cells for storage. The Lipo-Light also stimulates fibroblasts which are cells responsible for the building of collagen. When fibroblasts are stimulated your collagen and elastin fibers are strengthened to cause your skin to be toned and tightened. If you are currently on a healthy diet, weight loss program with regular exercise and plenty of fluids, but have some stubborn areas of fat that just won’t bulge, then Lipo-Light Therapy is ideal for you. Lipo-Light Therapy is NOT laser Therapy. Unlike Laser, Lipo-Light therapy presents no danger to the eyes or other organs. Laser systems utilize a more direct beam with the treatments whereas the LED light of Lipo-Light is a beam that is refracted and therefore spreads to cover a greater surface area, resulting in better outcomes.

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