How to Firm Your Buttocks After Weight Loss

Firm Up Those Post-Weight-Loss Buttocks After losing a significant amount of weight, many people will experience droopiness in their skin. By this we mean your arms aren’t as toned as you’d like, your stomach isn’t as tight, or your buttocks is not as firm. Today we are going to go over one of these issues […]

Chasing Pounds: Running Towards Weight Gain

Running for Weight Loss On the road to weight management, one of the most proven methods of achieving results is the reliable activity of running. This is not only good for keeping one’s weight in check, but it does wonders for the circulation as well. However, some people pay too much attention to the scale […]

Don't Workout In The Summer

Should You Work Out When it is Hot? For many in Orlando, spring and early summer time are fantastic times to begin a new cardio work out. The weather is balmy, but then, the hotter weather may be problematic- training safety is a must for any cardio program for weight loss. Even slight exercise in […]

Lose Weight Without Working Out?

Can You Lose Weight Without Working Out? At some point in everyone’s lives, they may have wanted to lose weight- if you happen to be at that point right now, you have either decided that you have one of two options: eat better, or be more active. For those of you who have decided to […]

Economically Smart Fitness

Staying Fit Even When Money is Tight In this economy, things have become increasingly hard. Many people can no longer afford to have their gym memberships and personal trainers. On top of that, a lot more people couldn’t afford to even get a piece of equipment for in their homes let alone a gym membership. […]