nutritionfactsThe box of crackers you are holding in the supermarket is described as “low calorie.” What does that mean? Low calorie compared to other crackers? Perhaps to cookies? You reach for a container of mixed nuts and realize a serving size contains 230 calories. Since it is a small can, you figure it could possibly contain two servings. Food labels are often designed to be misleading, enticing the appetite while evading consideration by the brain. Svelte Medical Weight Loss would like to give you a better understanding of food nutrition labels to help you better manage your weight loss in Orlando. Below are four main components of a food label and how to read them.

Keep in mind the total values on the package are based on a 2,000-calorie diet. If your dietary needs are above or below this amount, the percentages will not be accurate. Reading the food label will aid in your overall diet and, by reading the label accurately, you will be more attuned to what you are eating and can make more informed choices.

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